Published on November 3rd, 2016 | by Stephan Eyl

NEW: Live Trends and Analytics!

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There is no perfect time for a post. But for sure there a times, when you should not post. Using Fanpage Karma, it was very easy to determine favorable times for every Facebook Page. It is even possible to see, when your fans are usually online. Sure, this is based on data collected in the past.

Live Trends – What is happening on Facebook right now?

But what about right now? Are many pages posting right now? And are the fans active or reluctant? What are most people talking about right now on Facebook? Is there even one single topic that dominates everything?

That is exactly what we show you with the new Fanpage Karma „Live Trends“. Every 10 minutes we scan the most important 3,000 Facebook Pages and show there activity and the topics they are talking about. You can see the posts to every topic and even see the top posts of the last hour – often including Live Videos that go viral right now. This is amazing information to see what people are interested right now. You could either jump on the topic or wait a bit, if a very dominating topic ist attracticting all the attention.

Post Analysis in real-time

Track your posts in real-time

General analysis is one thing, but starting today we even offer real-time analysis for single Facebook Pages. Not only for your page but for any page you like to monitor. You can see the development of each posts as it gathers more likes, comments and shares. It becomes very easy to spot, which posts really resonate with the audience. These are posts you might even want to consider boosting with a little advertising while you can leave the low performing posts aside. You can do this analysis with different metrics and time periods. Post Tracking is available for everyone for the next 14 days and will be included in our Business Edition afterwards. Try it now!


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Stephan ist Gründer und CXO bei Fanpage Karma.

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