Pasta for everybody – the Top Posts of Week 39

Last week Guido Barilla, chairman of the world’s leading pasta maker, said in an interview, he would only portray

Promotions are dominating the Facebook Top Posts of last week

We knew it: Since Facebook changed their Promotion Guidelines Promotions dominate the Facebook Top Posts. So we saw it

How girls laugh

This time twice in the Top Posts of last week: a hilarious funny Vine video showing a girl’s laugh. In total she got almost 700.000 likes and 170.000 direct shares in just those two posts. Why? We guess it’s easy: This s

It’s a small world after all

There are so beautiful stories all over the world and you would never know them without the Internet.

For example this one KOST 103.5 wro

New: Shitstorm Alert. Always stay up to date

Sometimes, just one not thought-trough Post, one critical commercial, one bad picture can be enough to start a heavy discussion on your Facebook wall. When something like this happens you have to react as soon as possibl