Games, Security and Editing – Software Brands on Social Media

This week we gathered some of the biggest and most well know software brands and analyzed their success on social media networks. How do they market their products? Do they still use pictures even though they sell products

Easily evaluate international campaigns

Campaign evaluation. Mount Everest for every marketeer, whether online or offline. Luckily, Fanpage Karma has something very practical: The Tagging function helps you track and analyze any kind of campaign with only a few clicks. With

The new LeBird James – Facebook Top Posts Week 30

Playing with pets, rescuing pets, cuddling pets. Last week’s most successful posts were almost exclusively about animals and include some very emotional, funny and impressive footage. So lean back and enjoy the clips, there are quite a few

“Does your hand hurt?” – Video Games in the Fanpage Karma Ranking

Video games are the past time every one of us knows and loves. They let us live in other worlds, even if it is only for a couple of hours – and they are constantly reinventing

Shitstorm Alarm? Shitstorm Alert!

Oftentimes, a shitstorm is the trigger for implementing a better monitoring system for one’s social media appearances. That is a dangerous game, and in times, where users expect fast reaction times from companies, gets increasingly risky.

Kids are the future – Facebook Top Posts of the week 29

Last week we had a lot of funny content in the Top Posts. This week there is a picture that tells a heartwarming story: A mother holding her son, who just finished a round of chemotherapy treatments. This photo has

Fly with me… in first class – Passenger Airlines on Social Media

Last week we analyzed how low cost airlines do on Facebook and Twitter. This week, we are going to look at their competitors: Traditional Passenger Airlines. With low cost flights becoming more and more popular, a

Catch your Fans at the right moment – How to optimize Posting Times with Fanpage Karma

Everybody that handles a fanpage has asked themselves the same question: How can I share my posts so they get the highest attention – not only in the sense of visibility, but also in relation to