Precisely evaluate Instagram profiles – with Fanpage Karma’s Detailed Analytics

The Instagram analysis offers you a detailed look at a profile of your choice. With it, you can evaluate content, times and types and history of an account in detail. In the detailed Content analysis you

NEW: Analyze Instagram Profiles with Fanpage Karma

We already hinted at something great happening here and there. Now it’s time: Our new Instagram Analysis is finished and waiting for you. There is much to discover: extensive benchmarks, successful times & types, history or

NEW: Instagram Indicator Overview

Dashboard You can find all important indicators at a glance in the Dashboard – for as many profiles as you want. Whether your own channels, competitor-analysis or industry overview – all data in one place. Follower,

Raving alligators – Facebook Top Posts Week 32

So, last friday was world cat day. Something the Facebook community apparently didn’t understand. Barely any felines in the top posts. Instead we got a bunch of other animals. For example this one Pet doof shared a picture  8/4/14

Professional Broadcasting – The Top 3 Key Performance Indicators for YouTube

YouTube, the time-devourer of social networks. You can spend hours on hours with cat videos here. But there’s also a serious site to the video-giant: corporate communications and vlogs. And for that it’s important how well

More clicks – the Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for better Facebook performance

For most companies one thing is especially important: Traffic to your own content. How well does Facebook perform in comparison to other communication tools? Do fans actually click the shared links? How good is the conversion?

Faster, nicer, better – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators to optimize your Customer Service on Facebook

In the third and last article on Facebook KPIs in this series, we want to take a look at the service-orientation of many fan pages. Users only rarely distinguish between an official Facebook page of a

Are You Sharing Already – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators For More Brand Awareness on Facebook

Facebook is special, not only because of its sheer size, but also because of its numerous performance evaluation possibilities. For that reason we decided to give Facebook a small series in the series: The Top Performance