New Feature for a better vista: The Top KPIs for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

There are innumerable and diverse evaluation possibilities for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Aggregating all that data into an easy to understand and neat form is vital. That not only includes the pure presentation of

Fly birdie! The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Twitter

The next installment of our series on Key Performance Indicators is here: Twitter, the bird (of paradise) of the mainstream social networks. Twitter has long since left its niche and turned from a communication tool for

Panel of Experts: The right selection and application of Indicators

To give you a balanced and extensive impression on how you can use indicators we asked Community Managers, Blogger, PR Specialists, Digital Strategists and Technology Experts – Social Media Experts across the board – about their

Crack the next high score – Mobile Games on Social Media

This week we analyzed one of the most community driven markets known to mankind: The industry of mobile games. Constantly reinventing themselves, video games have become more and more popular over the last decade. They evolved

We see your true self – Facebook Top Posts Week 31

Our job is to get under the surface and bring you valuable insights that you can’t see simply by looking at your page, but only if you dig into the numbers. This weeks Facebook Top Posts