9 Fanpage Karma features you might not know (but should)

Sometimes you use something a thousand times and still don’t know what they’re capable of and It’s not different with Fanpage Karma. We too have some great features that might be unknown to a lot of you.

We present 9

A bit of everything – Facebook Top Posts Week 11

Let’s start this weeks Top Posts with the story of a dog that participated in the Iraq war. This post shows him reuniting with the soldier he was with the entire time while being stationed in the middle east. 4 whole

Analyze YouTube Channels & Videos with Fanpage Karma

At the end of last year, we took the first step towards YouTube analytics and started our closed betatest. A lot of you have participated and have sent over valuable feedback.

Today we’re happy to present the

Welcome home – Top Posts Week 10

The most successful post of this week reached a level that is rarely seen. This picture of a little girl who was waiting her father at the airport took Facebook by storm.

A baby called Oscar(s) – Top Posts Week 9

The Oscars got awarded last night and ended up surprising a lot of people. But even though they were a popular topic last week, they weren’t the most popular one. They have to hand that position to the babies of Faceb

Analyze Pages without leaving Facebook with our new Chrome Extension

One big advantage of using Fanpage Karma is our analytics flatrate. No matter what paid version of Fanpage Karma you’re using, you always can analyze as many profiles/pages as you like. That’s great for creating a com

Junkfood and Olympics – Top Facebook Posts Week 8

Yesterday the olympics ended. With Russia claiming first place and the US squad disappointing by losing against Canada one might assume that most English speaking Facebook users would just ignore the event. But that’s

Graph to Image with One Click

We really like the little things. Of course, big feature updates are important, too, but when it comes to making a tool more user friendly size doesn’t really matter. And we even think it’s safe to say, that these small