Olympic Games?! Not Really… – The Facebook Top Posts Week 7

Stay awake & enjoy life – Energy Drinks on Facebook

They are supposed to keep you awake and make you feel energized. Some people don’t drink anything else anymore. Energy Drinks are way more than simply beverages by now: they are a lifestyle, to most people they represent

Sports and Patriotism – The Top Post Week 6

The top posts of this week have a vast amount of different topics. Unlike expected, the olympics play a rather unimportant role. Even though the U.S. having won multiple medals already, barely any posts can be found.

The most popular alcoholic beverage – American Beers on Facebook

This week we analyzed the pages of various american beer brands. We created a list of the 30 biggest Facebook pages of american beers, but due to the fact that we aren’t from the US ourselves it’s hard for us to tell whe

6 free tools for awesome (info)graphics

Social media people love pictures. And with stock image distributors like Getty or Shutterstock it’s pr

Hairstyles For Dolls – Top Posts Week 5

This weeks Top Posts were a bit different than what we expected them to be. Our predication was that the list would be drowned in Super Bowl posts, but it ended up completely different.

One reason for that is

Dramas, Thrillers and Comedy – TV Shows on Facebook

Most english tv shows are loved all around the world. This week we analyzed some of the most successful ones of the last years.

Some of the largest fanbases on Facebook

The show with the most fans ha

Good Morning: The New Morning Report

Besides the first cup of coffee our Fanpage Karma Morning Report is one of the most beautiful things you can start your day with. Well, maybe not the most beautiful but definitely the most useful, because it shows you th