Nobody likes Justin Bieber – Top Posts Week 4

If the internet loves one thing it’s when one of its celebrities screws up and looses his “I’m famous”-invincibility for a brief moment.

That’s exactly what happened to Justin Bieber last week. The Internet’s most fam

Softdrinks on Facebook

The softdrink market is big. Nowadays people can find a refreshing drink in any color or with any taste they want. Differ the facebook pages of american softdrinks as much from each other as the taste of their product? O

5 easy tips to increase your Facebook reach (again)

The purpose of a Facebook page is to reach fans. Otherwise neither the page owner nor the fans would benefit from the whole Facebook-Social-Media-Shebang. That’s why it’s really unfortunate, that over the last few months this

Family is everything – The Top Posts Week 3

This weeks top posts are dominated by family. One of them even went viral and nearly received three times more reactions than the page has fans, quite an impressive accomplishment. It’s a touching story about two parents

Vroom Vroom – Automobile manufacturers on Facebook

Which car manufacturers do the best job at managing their Facebook community? What do they focus on and what is neglected? We analyzed the pages of various car brands from all over the world and ended up being quite disa

Snow, Safety and Biker Love – The Top Post Week 2

With the USA still in the grip of a grim winter, it’s not a big surprise to see winter related content popping up all over Facebook. And although the situation is not as harmless as the occasional snowballfight-inducing-

New Default Timeframe

Once again we made some minor changes to our wonderful tool, which a lot of our users asked for: The default timeframe in the dashboard- and single page overview is 28 now days and no longer 90 days.