600 pounds of success- Facebook Top Posts Week 35

This week’s Top Posts will hurt, scare and hopefully amuse you. Many, many videos ended up being incredibly successful in the last 7 days. All of them for different reasons. Let’s start with a clip that showcases

Celebrate Summer – Festivals on Social Media

This week we looked at international festivals and found a few things that we didn’t expect. But how do the pages perform in general? Are they trying to engage potential customers when there’s no event? Or

5 Tips for more success on Instagram

As of late, you can analyze Instagram profiles with Fanpage Karma. We’ll show you what you get from that with a handy example: Five simple tips for more success on Instagram. To do this, we selected the Top 10

Belugas with a sense of humor and a special kind of surfing in Russia – Facebook Top Posts

Not surprisingly the top posts aren’t safe from icebucket challenges. Countless versions ended up being some of the most successful facebook posts of last week. But there are quite a few ways you can accept the challenge.

Tune in and be entertained – Television Networks on Social Media

How different are the posting strategies of american television networks and what do they do to be successful? Is it all on topic? How frequently is cat content used to collect a couple of likes? And

Sad News – Facebook Top Posts Week 33

The Top Post have a rather sad note this week. The death of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacalls shocked many people, and if such feelings are easy to make out anywhere then it’s on Social Media platforms. Twenty-five contributions ended up

Can I ask you a question? – Consulting Agencies on Social Media

When considering a bunch of options it is nice to know that you have someone to fall back on who will give you important insights and try his best to maximize your profits and success. That’s

Easily create competition analyses for Instagram – with Fanpage Karma’s Benchmarking

Obviously no Instagram analysis is complete without benchmarking. As with all other networks that we support, you can not only analyze your own profile with a few clicks, but also the profiles of competitors or interesting