Instagram API: these profiles can still be analyzed


Instagram API: these profiles can still be analyzed

Exciting times! As other providers already had to learn Instagram hugely restricted the available endpoints its API. We now took the same hit. But don’t worry, we prepared for this. Here you can see what kind of profiles are affected by the changes:

Business Profiles

Not affected. We are still able to retrieve data of Instagram Business Profiles through the API. That means you have access to the same amount of KPIs and analyses as before to assess the performance of competitors (exception: the detail analyses of the most used filters is not available anymore).

Own Profiles

Not affected. You are still able to analyze the insights and stories of your own profiles in Analytics.

User Accounts

Affected. Private user accounts, as well as public user accounts can no longer be analyzed.

This is what you can analyze

It is not as bad as it sounded after all. There are still almost 40 Instagram KPIs for you to analyze and track your own profiles and business profiles.

This is the information you can get about business profiles:


  • What posts were published by the profile and how frequently did it post?
  • How was the reaction to posts?
  • What were the top pictures, videos, carousels, hashtags, words and filters?

Times & Types

  • Is there a favorite day or are the publications spread over the whole week?
  • How often was posted on average per day in the selected time period?
  • What are the best times for publishing?
  • Which types of attachments did the posts contain?


  • How did the profile develop within the set timeframe?
  • How did certain KPIs evolve in relation to each other?

Additionally, we offer you the following data for your own profiles:

Story Insights

  • When, how often and how frequently were stories published?
  • How did your community react?
  • What were the top pictures, videos, words and hashtags?


The free trial of Analytics offers all features to analyze Instagram Profiles for 2 weeks.