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Hallo, mein Name ist Julia Donath. Ich bin Journalistin und lebe in Berlin. Ich arbeite als Redakteurin und Social Media Managerin bei Fanpage Karma. Hier erhöhe ich nicht nur den Östrogenspiegel in der Berliner Startup Szene, sondern auch die Zugriffszahlen auf das Blog und unsere weiteren Online-Auftritte.

Pumpkins, babies and costumes – the Top Posts Week 44

Last week it was all about Halloween in the social net. Also on Facebook there is a lot of input of costumes, partys and pumpkins.
In the Top Posts of last week we had a lot of children’s costumes,

Trick or treat? Candies on Facebook

Happy halloween everybody! Today we checked 50 US-candy brands and their performance on Facebook. Time period is August until October 2013. The entire ranking you’ll find below this article.


Prince George and the other Top Posts of Week 43

His Royal Highness Prince George was baptized in the Royal Chapel of St James Palace, 23 October 2013. And two posts about the christening became Top Posts of last week.

There are two pages about the royal family whic

US-Telecommunication brands on Facebook

How is the US-telecommunication sector doing on Facebook? What do their fans expect and are there differences between small and big pages? To answer those questions we checked the performances of the 52 biggest US-compan

Life advice on Facebook – the Top Posts Week 42

As we see week per week pictures and videos are very engaging on Facebook. What always works good as well are quotes. Today we collected a couple of the best ones of last week:

About getting older:

Keep it short and simple – the Top Posts Week 41

You should never forget that people don’t have time while browsing the internet. At least they don’t have time to read stuff they are not interested in. That means for online marketing: convince them as soon as possible.

New: Tagging. Know your stuff and make it awesome

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Beitrags.

Facebook analytics tells you for instance if pictures are more engaging

The variety of perspectives – the Top Posts Week 40

Everyone has his own idea about the shutdown in America. And social networks are a great way to see how many different kind of opinions, ideas and analysis are out there. So it’s no surprise a lot of the most engaging Fa