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Mein Name ist Juliane, und ich bin bei Fanpage Karma für das Marketing zuständig. Damit sorge ich nicht nur für mehr Östrogen im Büro und Blog, sondern bin auch immer auf der Suche nach neuen Themen für unsere Kunden und Ideen für unser Produkt.

Faster, nicer, better – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators to optimize your Customer Service on Facebook

In the third and last article on Facebook KPIs in this series, we want to take a look at the service-orientation of many fan pages. Users only rarely distinguish between an official Facebook page of a

Are You Sharing Already – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators For More Brand Awareness on Facebook

Facebook is special, not only because of its sheer size, but also because of its numerous performance evaluation possibilities. For that reason we decided to give Facebook a small series in the series: The Top Performance

New Feature for a better vista: The Top KPIs for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

There are innumerable and diverse evaluation possibilities for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Aggregating all that data into an easy to understand and neat form is vital. That not only includes the pure presentation of

Fly birdie! The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Twitter

The next installment of our series on Key Performance Indicators is here: Twitter, the bird (of paradise) of the mainstream social networks. Twitter has long since left its niche and turned from a communication tool for

Panel of Experts: The right selection and application of Indicators

To give you a balanced and extensive impression on how you can use indicators we asked Community Managers, Blogger, PR Specialists, Digital Strategists and Technology Experts – Social Media Experts across the board – about their

Easily evaluate international campaigns

Campaign evaluation. Mount Everest for every marketeer, whether online or offline. Luckily, Fanpage Karma has something very practical: The Tagging function helps you track and analyze any kind of campaign with only a few clicks. With

“Does your hand hurt?” – Video Games in the Fanpage Karma Ranking

Video games are the past time every one of us knows and loves. They let us live in other worlds, even if it is only for a couple of hours – and they are constantly reinventing

Shitstorm Alarm? Shitstorm Alert!

Oftentimes, a shitstorm is the trigger for implementing a better monitoring system for one’s social media appearances. That is a dangerous game, and in times, where users expect fast reaction times from companies, gets increasingly risky.