Karsten Wusthoff
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Hi ich bin der Karsten. Früher hab ich mal Unternehmen bei allem Social Media beraten. Bei Fanpage Karma mach ich jetzt damit weiter, nur eben ein wenig regelmäßiger. Das heißt: Community bändigen, Beiträge aus den Fingern wringen und noch so ziemlich alles andere, was irgendwie mit Marketing zu tun hat. Außerdem esse ich gerne Kuchen und bin davon überzeugt, dass die moderne Welt ohne Kaffee nicht existieren würde.

Analyze YouTube Channels & Videos with Fanpage Karma

At the end of last year, we took the first step towards YouTube analytics and started our closed betatest. A lot of you have participated and have sent over valuable feedback.

Today we’re happy to present the

Analyze Pages without leaving Facebook with our new Chrome Extension

One big advantage of using Fanpage Karma is our analytics flatrate. No matter what paid version of Fanpage Karma you’re using, you always can analyze as many profiles/pages as you like. That’s great for creating a com

Graph to Image with One Click

We really like the little things. Of course, big feature updates are important, too, but when it comes to making a tool more user friendly size doesn’t really matter. And we even think it’s safe to say, that these small

6 free tools for awesome (info)graphics

Social media people love pictures. And with stock image distributors like Getty or Shutterstock it’s pr

Good Morning: The New Morning Report

Besides the first cup of coffee our Fanpage Karma Morning Report is one of the most beautiful things you can start your day with. Well, maybe not the most beautiful but definitely the most useful, because it shows you th

Nobody likes Justin Bieber – Top Posts Week 4

If the internet loves one thing it’s when one of its celebrities screws up and looses his “I’m famous”-invincibility for a brief moment.

That’s exactly what happened to Justin Bieber last week. The Internet’s most fam

5 easy tips to increase your Facebook reach (again)

The purpose of a Facebook page is to reach fans. Otherwise neither the page owner nor the fans would benefit from the whole Facebook-Social-Media-Shebang. That’s why it’s really unfortunate, that over the last few months this

Snow, Safety and Biker Love – The Top Post Week 2

With the USA still in the grip of a grim winter, it’s not a big surprise to see winter related content popping up all over Facebook. And although the situation is not as harmless as the occasional snowballfight-inducing-