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Hi ich bin der Karsten. Früher hab ich mal Unternehmen bei allem Social Media beraten. Bei Fanpage Karma mach ich jetzt damit weiter, nur eben ein wenig regelmäßiger. Das heißt: Community bändigen, Beiträge aus den Fingern wringen und noch so ziemlich alles andere, was irgendwie mit Marketing zu tun hat. Außerdem esse ich gerne Kuchen und bin davon überzeugt, dass die moderne Welt ohne Kaffee nicht existieren würde.

New Default Timeframe

Once again we made some minor changes to our wonderful tool, which a lot of our users asked for: The default timeframe in the dashboard- and single page overview is 28 now days and no longer 90 days.

YouTube Open Beta – Try our Video Analytics Now

When Jawed Karim uploaded a little video called “Me at the zoo” to the internet, nobody could have guessed how this eventually will turn out.


Easy as pie: Analyzing and benchmarking developments

A lot of you are using Fanpage Karma on a daily basis. And one of the most important things when using something regularly is usability. And every so often the little things make all the difference between good and reall

5 things you should know about your competition

Which company doesn’t want to take a look behind the closed doors of its competitors and see what they are planning, which strategies are being developed and what are their biggest hits and misses. Of course, in the end

What’s going on? 4 small but powerful tipps for your market research

Every community & social media manager wants her Pages to be the #1 in its market segment. In order to get there you have to set clear goals, measure and analyze your progress and use your insights to constantly get

Know what to post: Target Group Analysis made easy

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Bigger thumbnails for links in the News Feed: How to make it work

A little while ago Facebook has made a change to link thumbnail image dimensions that will make them much more prominent.

For all you webmasters and bloggers out there we made an infographic on how you can turn your l