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Tagging in a new appearance

The Tagging feature is new and improved! Not only does it have an attractive revamped design, but there are several upgrades that give you more analytical power than ever before. One big upgrade is the ability to provide content

5 new magnificent features

Shortly before the peaceful Christmas time and New Years Eve, we updated our tool once again and added a few new features. 1. When are my fans online? If you know when your fans are online then you also know

Do BuzzFeed & Co stumble because of the new Newsfeed algorithm?

Last month Facebook announced that there is a new Newsfeed algorithm that should detect and punish Like-Baits in the style of BuzzFeed & Co. It shall improve the quality of the Newsfeed and restrict the bait of clicks.

Kids are the future – Facebook Top Posts of the week 29

Last week we had a lot of funny content in the Top Posts. This week there is a picture that tells a heartwarming story: A mother holding her son, who just finished a round of chemotherapy treatments. This photo has

Life, Death and Reunion – Top Posts Week 23

The good news this week is that Barbara Bush – women of 41st president George Bush and mother of 43rd president George W. Bush – got 89 years old and a lot of people wished her