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Belugas with a sense of humor and a special kind of surfing in Russia – Facebook Top Posts

Not surprisingly the top posts aren’t safe from icebucket challenges. Countless versions ended up being some of the most successful facebook posts of last week. But there are quite a few ways you can accept the challenge.

Tune in and be entertained – Television Networks on Social Media

How different are the posting strategies of american television networks and what do they do to be successful? Is it all on topic? How frequently is cat content used to collect a couple of likes? And

Sad News – Facebook Top Posts Week 33

The Top Post have a rather sad note this week. The death of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacalls shocked many people, and if such feelings are easy to make out anywhere then it’s on Social Media platforms. Twenty-five contributions ended up

Can I ask you a question? – Consulting Agencies on Social Media

When considering a bunch of options it is nice to know that you have someone to fall back on who will give you important insights and try his best to maximize your profits and success. That’s

Raving alligators – Facebook Top Posts Week 32

So, last friday was world cat day. Something the Facebook community apparently didn’t understand. Barely any felines in the top posts. Instead we got a bunch of other animals. For example this one Pet doof shared a picture  8/4/14

Crack the next high score – Mobile Games on Social Media

This week we analyzed one of the most community driven markets known to mankind: The industry of mobile games. Constantly reinventing themselves, video games have become more and more popular over the last decade. They evolved

We see your true self – Facebook Top Posts Week 31

Our job is to get under the surface and bring you valuable insights that you can’t see simply by looking at your page, but only if you dig into the numbers. This weeks Facebook Top Posts

Games, Security and Editing – Software Brands on Social Media

This week we gathered some of the biggest and most well know software brands and analyzed their success on social media networks. How do they market their products? Do they still use pictures even though they sell products