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The new LeBird James – Facebook Top Posts Week 30

Playing with pets, rescuing pets, cuddling pets. Last week’s most successful posts were almost exclusively about animals and include some very emotional, funny and impressive footage. So lean back and enjoy the clips, there are quite a few

Fly with me… in first class – Passenger Airlines on Social Media

Last week we analyzed how low cost airlines do on Facebook and Twitter. This week, we are going to look at their competitors: Traditional Passenger Airlines. With low cost flights becoming more and more popular, a

I danced so much, I buried myself – Facebook Top Posts of the week 28

With the world cup finally being over (and the US boys losing early) the amount of soccer related posts was reduced drastically. While there still were a few of them in last weeks top posts, we have

Fly with me – Low Cost Airlines

This week we are heading to a flight… a cheap one. Low cost airlines become more popular every year, people love the option to travel for cheap and book more trips than ever before. Facebook The most

Celebrating Freedom – Top Posts Week 27

Surprisingly, the international top post are becoming something completely different than the german ones: While the amount of funny, amusing and joyful posts decrease every week, the focus on more serious posts skyrockets. Especially interesting: The

A bit of everything – Top Posts Week 26

Last week’s top posts were about a lot of different topics. Even though the US advancing into the round of 16 we had trouble spotting any world cup related content. Of course, the weekly post of

Feels like Youtube – Top Posts Week 25

It’s looking good for the US boys! We were expecting a lot of soccer related posts but were let down quite hard. Apart from one, that was published by the page of the US soccer team, we

What is “soccer”? – Top Posts Week 24

Finally! The world cup is live! Even though “soccer” not being the most popular sport in the U.S. there still were a couple of related posts that ended up being rather successful. Most of them had