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Are you hungry? – Fast Food Chains on Facebook

This week we looked into a bunch of american fast food chains. Due to the huge amount of different franchises we ask for you to be gentle with us if we didn’t manage to include every

Online Louvre – Top Posts Week 22

Swing your brush… or pencil… or pen! Last weeks top posts were about various drawings. We had a bit of everything. Illustrations, comics, caricatures. The community really delivered. You have Spiderman’s mom talking about him being toddler (that’s not his

Elections are overrated anyway – Top Posts Week 21

While Europe was head over heels about the upcoming european elections, English speaking pages weren’t interested in the topic all that much. A bit surprising, considering the fact that the UK was one of the voting count

Small and popular – Top Posts Week 20

We made a slight change to our weekly top posts and it’s kind of the beginning of a new era. From now on we try to filter as many raffles as possible, so you will see less of them and enjoy more truly funny, witty and he

Even Jason loves his mother – Top Posts Week 19

The focus of this week’s top posts was definitely on mother’s day. You could find a bit of everything. Comics, animals, soldiers and even horror movie characters. People definitely cared a lot about this international ho

A protective sister – Top Posts Week 18

Last week was rather slow. We were only able to spot a handful really special posts but the ones we found were high quality and some ended up being more  successful than anything we have seen recently. This post put anyt

Amateur Dance Wrestling, a new sport is born – Top Posts Week 17

The topic of the week was this guy. He is a cancer patient who got popular when he started fundraising money for people who share his fate. The original goal was to raise £10,000, which after a while turned into £1millio

Jesus and friends – Top Posts Week 16

Happy Easter!

We hope that all of  you had an enjoyable weekend and sunny holidays. Due to excessive egg painting sessions the top posts were delayed this week, we beg your pardon.

Let’s get started. The english to