Industry Recap 2018 – Retail

13/12/2018 0 Comments

Drugstores and supermarkets have to make a constant effort to make the customers choose their stores over those of the competition. Because the product offering is often very similar, the marketing strategy of the different companies has to be creative to get ahead of the competition. We checked out 14 of the biggest US retail ...

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

28/11/2018 2 Comments

Hashtags are a tried and tested means of making a post on Instagram searchable and thus reach users outside your own followers. To counteract an ugly proliferation of hashtags, Instagram has the maximum number set to 30 hashtags per post. A lively discussion has developed in the social media community: Is it best to use ...

Reach on Instagram

14/11/2018 3 Comments

How many of your followers can you reach on Instagram? Insights of over 200,000 posts and stories reveal what you can expect...