Pray for Facebook – Top Facebook Post Week 8

The international section of the Top Facebook Posts has always been very political and religious. But this week might be a bit over the top. A Facebook Page named after the Nigerian presidents offers you to claim prayers

Top Facebook Posts Week 7

What a week! The pope retires, horse meat, Velantine’s day, and many more things were easy targets for Facebook most successful pages.
Although there is always a strong political touch to the international version. At

From Facebook with love – most engaging Valentine’s Day Posts 2013

Valentine’s Day. A very special day for all of us. Even if you are a brand and do have only fans instead of a real lover. That does not mean that you can not exploit the occasion and create a very special post. We have a

Study on Facebook Engagement and Interaction Rates

Successful Facebook marketing is not primarily a matter of the amount of fans. More important is their activity. Likes, comments and shares are the fuel of virality and high rankings in news feeds. The Facebook Edge Rank

Calm and unplugged – TOP Facebook Posts Week 6

This week the fans seemed to be a little more relaxed. Books and a beautiful, unplugged version of Gangnam Style made it into the Top Facebook Post List. And again those poor babys. We are still not very happy with this

Monthly Reporting for Facebook at a mouse click


Facebook Performance Benchmarking made easy

Benchmarking is a buzz word. It’s what consultants say all the time. But basically, it just means: compare yourself to others, find out who is better than you and learn from the best. And that is something very helpful i

Using the daughter as Social Media Embassador – Top Facebook Posts Week 5

She has been so many times in our top posts, you simply can’t ignore this marketing expert. Chelsea Clinton is pushing her mother into Facebook like she herself could never do on her own. But still, there are enough cute