How Companies Should Post Content – Social Media Marketing Guide

Is your goal to create original content that will help your users address their needs and improve their perception of your company? Then this is the perfect article for you! We are going to show you how to develop a…

Discovery – Find the latest Trends with just one Click

A social media manager has to be creative on demand. We have got something for you that will give you inspiration for posts and campaigns whenever you need! The latest and finest posts on Facebook and Instagram all at one…

How to create Post Rankings

How cool would it be, if you were able to create a ranking of top posts in the blink of an eye? We integrated an incredible new feature into our analysis tool that allows you exactly that. You can now…

Which Hashtags does your competition use?

If you use Hashtags, your posts on Instagram will be seen by a wider audience than your followers. To spread your content in the right places you have to use the hashtags of your specific niche. You can easily find…

How to find the best time to post

Posts on social networks don’t live long. So it is important to publish them when your target audience will see them. This is how you find out at what times that is. What are the most

These details will help you to see through your competitor

Have you ever scrolled through your timeline and thought to yourself “Wow, this page is worked out well!”? Relevant content, good communication with the followers, loads of reactions and comments.. This could be you! With Fanpage

TAGGING – Find out what content really works

  What is most interesting for your users? There are a lot of objective criteria to determine the success of social media pages. We have about 200 different metrics for Facebook alone. Unfortunately, none of them

NEW: How to search a Facebook Page

As some of you already noticed there was some trouble today in finding and adding new Facebook Pages in Analytics (thanks for your feedback). This is due to another change in the Facebook API that affects