All your KPIs at one glance – for any point in time

Whenever something is hard to see through, it’s good to have some numbers you can hold on to. This is especially true for Social Media Marketing. That is why

Creative Christmas? – Top Facebook Posts Week 49

Christmas is getting closer and making his way into the TOP Facebook Posts. But still, political messages from marriages and Chelsea Clinton can make into the list most enganging posts. But great to see that charity and

What do my fans do when I am not around – The Fan-Activity-Graph

To understand fans and the target audience is one of the most important elements in social media marketing. Fanpage Karma offers many analyses to get a good idea about what fans really expect from a fan page. Now we are

Measure Facebook Traffic to Websites

Companies often use Facebook as a traffic generator for their blog or website. But it is hard to tell, which links really worked and which did not. You could either click through all of the Facebook Insights and manually

Alonso and charity – Top engaging Facebook posts week 48

A lot of politics made it this week among the most engaging Facebook posts. And contrary to the German Top Posts, o

All images sizes for Social Media

Images are important engagement levers in Social Media. And there are many ways to post images. But if you do not hit the right image size for the right channel, the image might get distorted. That’s why it’s really grea

Obama, Obama, Obama – TOP Posts Week 45

We never had such a clear winner among the posts of the week. The most successful picture of all times on Facebook. It shows Barack Obama in the arms of his wife with the simpel message: “Four more years”. The Social Med

A storm and an old trick – TOP 10 Posts of the week

“Sandy” dominated the streams on Facebook this week. But it were rather smaller and local fan pages that got fans to like and share the pictures of the storm. Not to our surprise. It is hard to press “like” seeing the tr