Published on August 7th, 2014 | by Juliane Krause-Akelbein

Professional Broadcasting – The Top 3 Key Performance Indicators for YouTube

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YouTube, the time-devourer of social networks. You can spend hours on hours with cat videos here. But there’s also a serious site to the video-giant: corporate communications and vlogs. And for that it’s important how well videos and channels perform. Which indicators should you keep an eye on?

3) Likes/Dislikes

There are less possibilities to interact with content on YouTube than on other platforms. The upside: It offers likes and dislikes for videos. That means you get immediate feedback on how well your content is received by looking at the ratio of likes to dislikes. The more likes in that ratio, the better.

2) Subscriber Growth

The subscriber growth shows how much the number of subscribers increased in a set timeframe. In general you can assume that lower growth rates are normal for big accounts. Keeping an eye on this KPI is worth it: a big decrease or strong increase can indicate negative reactions or positive potential. In that case, you should evaluate the channel to avoid negative development or support a positive change.

1) Video View Growth

YouTube is a broadcasting platform, a place to host content and that depends on videos being seen. The higher the video views, the better. The best? A strong growth of video views. It indicates that your content is popular among the users and that they like to share it – a positive development. To more growth!

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