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How Many Instagram Stories per Day are Optimal?

Stories on Instagram have proven to be a useful and high-reach channel, as shown by the large benchmarking of story metrics. However, social media managers keep asking themselves one question: How long should a story be? If you publish many…

What to expect from Instagram Stories – the ultimate benchmarking analysis

Stories have become an integral part of the social media landscape. As an additional channel on Instagram, they are the perfect tool to provide the target group with up-to-date content. Above all, the possibility to place links and interactive elements…

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

Hashtags are a tried-and-tested means of making a post on Instagram searchable and thus reaching users beyond your own followers. To counteract an ugly proliferation of hashtags, Instagram has the maximum number set to 30 hashtags per post. A lively…

Reach on Instagram

How many of your followers can you reach on Instagram? Insights of over 200,000 posts and stories reveal what you can expect…

NEW: Live Trends and Analytics!

There is no perfect time for a post. But for sure there a times, when you should not post. Using Fanpage Karma, it was very easy to determine favorable times for every Facebook Page. It is

[Infographic] Facebook Reactions: More reach and interaction

Laughing, crying and simmering with rage, that’s now possible on Facebook. Just over a month ago, Facebook introduced the new reactions. For years users demanded an additional Dislike button. But Mark Zuckerberg did not want people nor products to be…

NEW: Detailed Video Analytics

Videos are getting more and more popular on Facebook every day. It’s time to introduce our latest features to help you analyze and optimize your video content. We created a special video analytics section for your

[INFOGRAPHIC] The impact of time on likes, comments and shares

In times of declining reach and increasing competitive pressure, the best time to post on Facebook seems to become more and more important. Everyone wants to hit the sweet spot when most of his fans are online. But how does a