Measure Facebook Traffic to Websites



Measure Facebook Traffic to Websites

Companies often use Facebook as a traffic generator for their blog or website. But it is hard to tell, which links really worked and which did not. You could either click through all of the Facebook Insights and manually count the clicks. Or you could use special links that can be recognized by Analytics Tools like Piwik or Google Analytics. Either way, it is not very comfortable. Fanpage Karma now offers an easy and quick way to determine the success of links on Facebook. With the new analysis, you see at one glance how many people you reached with links, how many actually followed the links and the “click-through rate”. All data is sorted by the domains they link to. So you can easily see, how many users you guided to you page or to e.g. And even more, you can drill down on post-level and analyze which posts created most traffic and which posts were most efficient in terms of “click-throughs”. One great thing is, that Fanpage Karma Analyzer detects abbreviated links from e.g. or That means, that we follow the links to their destination url and show the correct URL. Like so many other things at Fanpage Karma, this analysis is completely free for one fan page. The data is pulled from the Insights data of Facebook. That also means the data is not public. Only the admin of the page can see this analysis on Fanpage Karma. We will expand the usage of Insights data in the future. So stay tuned on our fan page for further updates. And try the new features here.

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