Graph to Image with One Click

We really like the little things. Of course, big feature updates are important, too, but when it comes to making a tool more user friendly size doesn’t really matter. And we even think it’s safe to say, that these small

Good Morning: The New Morning Report

Besides the first cup of coffee our Fanpage Karma Morning Report is one of the most beautiful things you can start your day with. Well, maybe not the most beautiful but definitely the most useful, because it shows you th

New Default Timeframe

Once again we made some minor changes to our wonderful tool, which a lot of our users asked for: The default timeframe in the dashboard- and single page overview is 28 now days and no longer 90 days.

YouTube Open Beta – Try our Video Analytics Now

When Jawed Karim uploaded a little video called “Me at the zoo” to the internet, nobody could have guessed how this eventually will turn out.


Easy as pie: Analyzing and benchmarking developments

A lot of you are using Fanpage Karma on a daily basis. And one of the most important things when using something regularly is usability. And every so often the little things make all the difference between good and reall

LSD for everyone – posts need to have value

Having a Facebook page costs a lot of time and dedication, something every page administrator is aware of. Not only to create content, but especially to establish a community. A goal is tha

New: Tagging. Know your stuff and make it awesome

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Beitrags.

Facebook analytics tells you for instance if pictures are more engaging