6 more Fanpage Karma features you might not know (but should)

A couple of weeks ago we showed you 9 Fanpage Karma features that you might have not known. Apparently we were right about the “might not know” part, because we received a lot of mail from

New: Create individual PowerPoint reports with one click

One of Fanpage Karma’s biggest benefits is that it saves you huge amounts of time. Especially when it comes to reporting, gathering, analyzing and processing the data isn’t really fun and costs a lot of time.

5 reasons to grant us insights rights

You probably already know that Fanpage Karma provides a lot of interesting facts and figure (and if you don’t, just click here). But what you may not

Boost your Monitoring – Fine tune your Keywords

Monitoring is good, advanced monitoring better.

Since last week you can use Fanpage Karma Social Monitoring to monitor keywords on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. That way you never miss a single mention of you, your p

New: Social Monitoring – Listen better with Fanpage Karma

Feedback is valuable, whether it’s positive or negative doesn’t matter. Answering questions and caring for customers will strengthen the bond between them and the brand. If these conversations are ignored, a lot of poten

9 Fanpage Karma features you might not know (but should)

Sometimes you use something a thousand times and still don’t know what they’re capable of and It’s not different with Fanpage Karma. We too have some great features that might be unknown to a lot of you.

We present 9

Analyze YouTube Channels & Videos with Fanpage Karma

At the end of last year, we took the first step towards YouTube analytics and started our closed betatest. A lot of you have participated and have sent over valuable feedback.

Today we’re happy to present the

Analyze Pages without leaving Facebook with our new Chrome Extension

One big advantage of using Fanpage Karma is our analytics flatrate. No matter what paid version of Fanpage Karma you’re using, you always can analyze as many profiles/pages as you like. That’s great for creating a com