NEW: How to Create Social Media Report Templates

If you want to optimize your reporting, you should definitely try this new feature! Actually there are two … You can now create your own social media reports and cross-account report templates with Fanpage Karma. Create a set of standard…

NEW: Reply to LinkedIn Messages with Fanpage Karma

You can now reply to your LinkedIn messages directly out of the Fanpage Karma inbox. Respond to LinkedIn Comments All comments on posts of your LinkedIn Company Profile now go to the same inbox as your emails and messages from…

NEW: Automated Publishing on LinkedIn

The time has come! In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can now use Fanpage Karma for automated publishing on LinkedIn as well. Prepare Posts and Publish Them Automatically To automate publishing on LinkedIn, create your update as usual…

NEW: Our improved Twitter analytics – More Specific, More Details, Simply Better

Last week we kind of mentioned that our new Twitter influencer analysis isn’t the only news regarding Fanpage Karma and Twitter. And now it’s official: Our new, updated Twitter analytics is online and ready to be

9 Fanpage Karma features you might not know (but should)

Sometimes you use something a thousand times and still don’t know what they’re capable of and It’s not different with Fanpage Karma. We too have some great features that might be unknown to a lot of you.

We present 9

Good Morning: The New Morning Report

Besides the first cup of coffee our Fanpage Karma Morning Report is one of the most beautiful things you can start your day with. Well, maybe not the most beautiful but definitely the most useful, because it shows you th

New Default Timeframe

Once again we made some minor changes to our wonderful tool, which a lot of our users asked for: The default timeframe in the dashboard- and single page overview is 28 now days and no longer 90 days.

YouTube Open Beta – Try our Video Analytics Now

When Jawed Karim uploaded a little video called “Me at the zoo” to the internet, nobody could have guessed how this eventually will turn out.