Liquor on Facebook

We checked 32 US-liquor brands and their performance on Facebook and analyzed the activity on Facebook over the last 90 days. The entire ranking is attached underneath.

The amount of fans is pre

Beautiful Facebook

We checked beauty brands on Facebook and analyzed 50 pages in the past three months. This time the ranking is open. If you miss a page, just comment below and we will add it to the ranking.


Trick or treat? Candies on Facebook

Happy halloween everybody! Today we checked 50 US-candy brands and their performance on Facebook. Time period is August until October 2013. The entire ranking you’ll find below this article.


US-Telecommunication brands on Facebook

How is the US-telecommunication sector doing on Facebook? What do their fans expect and are there differences between small and big pages? To answer those questions we checked the performances of the 52 biggest US-compan