Meeting Mickey and the gang – Theme Parks on Social Media

Theme parks have been entertaining entire families for decades. This week we are analyzing their commitment on social media and try to find out what they could do differently to improve the performance of their pages.

Only the best can compete – Social Media Ranking Champions League

This week we decided to have a look at the football clubs that are participating in one of the most prestigious international football league on the planet: the UEFA Champions League. Clubs from many different countries take

One store for everything – Supermarket Chains on Social Media

American supermarket chains are some of the biggest in the world. They provide food, clothes and other useful goods. Goods that people need on a daily basis. But do they also provide entertainment outside of their stores?

Leaving books behind – Publishers on Social Media

This week we are looking at publishers. Every year the print industry loses a little bit of its influence, focusing more and more on online platforms, articles and blog posts. But is this development noticeable on Social

Celebrate Summer – Festivals on Social Media

This week we looked at international festivals and found a few things that we didn’t expect. But how do the pages perform in general? Are they trying to engage potential customers when there’s no event? Or

Can I ask you a question? – Consulting Agencies on Social Media

When considering a bunch of options it is nice to know that you have someone to fall back on who will give you important insights and try his best to maximize your profits and success. That’s

Crack the next high score – Mobile Games on Social Media

This week we analyzed one of the most community driven markets known to mankind: The industry of mobile games. Constantly reinventing themselves, video games have become more and more popular over the last decade. They evolved

Games, Security and Editing – Software Brands on Social Media

This week we gathered some of the biggest and most well know software brands and analyzed their success on social media networks. How do they market their products? Do they still use pictures even though they sell products