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Easily evaluate international campaigns

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Campaign evaluation. Mount Everest for every marketeer, whether online or offline. Luckily, Fanpage Karma has something very practical: The Tagging function helps you track and analyze any kind of campaign with only a few clicks. With it, you can tag posts from any fanpage you want with relevant keywords and evaluate all tagged posts by keywords.

Core feature of the Tagging are the organization of your content and the improvement of future content. Fanpage Karma already has pre-defined tags for that, i.e. which call to action you used, or which emotions are supposed to be transported with a post. You can learn how Tagging works in detail here. Now, we will focus on using it as a tool to analyze campaign performances.

Since our Tagging can be customized, it can be used to easily tag and evaluate different campaigns (or motives in one campaign). That works for your competitor’s campaigns or posts, too, by the way.

First, you obviously need your campaign plan. A list of campaigns and motives is a good idea to start with. Then the work begins: enter the data. Under „edit tags“ you can create groups of tags and customize them just the way you need them. There are no limits to what you can do, just organize your posts how they suit you best.

We picked an example for you: is a German travel fanpage and is – especially during summertime – perfect for an evaluation. Since we obviously don’t know the campaign plan, we pretended every post was part of a single campaign. The motives Beach, Mountains, Destinations and Persons were a good start. Those tags are added to a new campaign, or tag group. After that, all posts can be tagged with just one click. Then you can take a look at the detailed post evaluation.

You can organize several tags in one tag group. If you’re looking at several campaigns, a higher level group to sum up all campaigns might be a good idea.

In this example we get a lot of relevant information at a glance: pictures of Persons perform poorly, while beach motives perform very well. Link and status posts seem to be at a disadvantage in comparison to pictures – now it would be interesting to see, how well videos perform in relation to the other post types. All this is important information for and indicates how they should treat their fans and content.

Infinitely variable: Performance indicators, rows and columns depending on your needs. All of that screenshot ready.

You can customize this evaluation, too. You could look at different post types, other fanpages or other tags in relation to your campaigns and motives. In combination with other tag groups, you can also evaluate international campaigns, for example with language tags, and you can analyze different tonalities for effectiveness and performance.

The show-stopper: You can filter the Content, Times & Types and Ad Value analyses from Fanpage Karma by tags you created. Was the timing right? Could changing the frequency change the performance? There are no limits to your customization.

As you can see, campaign evaluation turns into child’s play with the help of Fanpage Karma and the Tagging function. How do you use Tagging? Tell us in the comment section!

Curious? Click here and start tagging right away!

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