Create Excel Reports for any Facebook fanpage



Create Excel Reports for any Facebook fanpage

It’s just some weeks ago that we announced the new dashboard export to Excel. Now we proudly present the second part of our Excel Export Features: Exporting key facts and insights for every Facebook fan page to Excel. You can use the data to make your own archive or create a nice report for your boss or client. You can even use the data in Excel to create your own graphs and analysis. The new Facebook fan page Excel report shows key performance index in a historic comparison. Currently, we provide the following data in the export:

  • Current and historic data of karma, page performance index, talking about and number of fans
  • Posts per day and reactions (likes, comments, shares, etc.) per day
  • Posts per type and reactions per type (e.g. status message, link, video, etc. )
  • Page reaction to user posts (deleted, ignored, commented, liked, etc.)
  • Top Posts of the last 90 days
Exporting is very easy. Just click on the link beneath the general description. 
Try it for Coca-Cola here.

Is there anything you miss in the Excel Export? Please send us a message to mail (at) We are happy to get your Feedback and make the tool better every day!