Manage and share multiple dashboards



Manage and share multiple dashboards

The heart of Fanpage Karma is your dashboard. Here you can monitor all statistics and insights of any Facebook page you like. And now it’s getting even better… Today, we introduce amazing updates to the functionalities of your dashboard.

Monitor multiple dashboards

First and foremost you can now create and manage multiple dashboards. You could have one dashboard for competitors, one for your own pages and one of really great examples you want to monitor. If you work as a consultant for different clients, you can have a dashboard for each one of them.  Now, it’s so much quicker to monitor and benchmark pages that are comparable.

Share Dashboards

That’s not all. Creating dashboards is easy. But it’s even easier if you don’t have to do it all on your own. That’s why we made it possible to share a list of fan pages with colleagues or clients. It’s really simple: you just send them a link and they click on subscribe. You can also subscribe to the public Facebook rankings we produce regularly. The easiest way to stay up-to date with all your pages.

Benchmarking graphs

With these features, you can more easily compile lists of interesting fan pages. As before, you can download the statistics to Excel or create helpful benchmarking graphs. What do you think of the new dashboard. Any ideas and comments? Try it now: Create your own dashboard.

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