Create a Facebook Ranking for your blog



Create a Facebook Ranking for your blog

One of the most popular features of Fanpage Karma are the Facebook Rankings.  Rankings are fun, informative and attract a lot of attention. Everyone can create a Fanpage Ranking and its for free. Now comes a big improvement to this feature: You can embed Facebook Rankings as a widget directly in your blog or your website. Just like a YouTube video. You only need to press the “embed”-button at the top of the ranking. Then you get a html-code to paste to your blog or website. Done. Create a Facebook Ranking to Embed in your Blog or Website Rankings are sortable in three dimensions: Number of fans, karma value and Page Performance. They are updated daily. You can also allow others, to add pages to your ranking. Here is how an embedded ranking will look like: Powered by Fanpage Karma Every ranking can carry the name of the author and a backlink to your website. You can find more examples for rankings and the opportunity to create your own rankings here:

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