Boston on Facebook – Facebook Top Posts Week 16



Boston on Facebook – Facebook Top Posts Week 16

The Boston Marathon Bombing was the most discussed topic on Facebook last week. Very moving posts by athlethes, politicians and others are among the most liked and shared Facebook Posts of last week. Still, some hope and joy are to find in this weeks list.

Starting from today, we will split the Top Posts in categories that reflect the behaviour of fans and types of pages. We hope to give you a clearer image of which posting strategies work on Facebook.

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of The Week

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PBS Parents, 4/15/13

As we pray for the people of Boston, this quote from Mister Rogers comes to mind: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster,’ I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”

31,675 Likes, 831 Comments, 21,288 Shares by 35,248 fans

Fanpage Karma | Facebook, 4/16/13

Quote of the day.

8,360 Likes, 222 Comments, 15,230 Shares by 97,279 fans

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Man of Steel, 4/17/13

He will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. New trailer for Man of Steel:

41,398 Likes, 5,081 Comments, 66,568 Shares by 552,191 fans

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Holi Festival Of Colours London, 4/16/13

The official Holi Festival Of Colours London will be on SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th – from 12-10PM! LIKE & SHARE! What about the location? It will be at River Thames, right next to a park – any guess? 🙂 The exact location will be announced within a few days – still waiting for one final “go” //

1,315 Likes, 184 Comments, 1,234 Shares by 17,991 fans

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FACE Low-Cost, Spay/Neuter Clinic, 4/17/13

664 Likes, 21 Comments, 437 Shares by 7,743 fans

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Australian Red Cross Blood Service, 4/17/13

Thanks Australia for your overwhelming response to giving blood after seeing the Today Show’s story about baby Ryven Harris. Since the story aired this morning, the Blood Service has been overwhelmed with appointments for this week. If you can’t get an appointment to give blood this week, don’t fret: your donation is just as important next week or the week after as it ensures that we have a constant supply of blood for the one in three Australians, like baby Ryven, who will need it in their lifetime. In fact, we need around 27,000 donations every week to meet the demands of Australian patients. Just so you know, the next critical date for us is Friday 26 April, as it follows a public holiday. Public holidays and long-weekends are challenging times for the Blood Service because regular donors are away on holidays. Thanks again for your support. To make an appointment, please visit or call us on 13 14 95.

2,018 Likes, 136 Comments, 389 Shares by 17,818 fans

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Run4Beer, 4/19/13

Sorry for the language below but sometimes the ‘word’ fits!

865 Likes, 19 Comments, 322 Shares by 8,560 fans

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Being Liberal, 4/21/13

(M) What an awesome thing to do! Thanks to Surly Thor for this. Become a fan of his page, and let him know we sent you. Posted on the Being Liberal fan page.

65,485 Likes, 2,852 Comments, 20,678 Shares by 651,381 fans

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Text From Dog, 4/17/13

27,873 Likes, 491 Comments, 7,490 Shares by 316,786 fans

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Crisco, 4/15/13

It’s Take a Wild Guess Day! Guess how many cookies are in this cookie jar. We’ll reveal the answer at 5 p.m. EST.

4,215 Likes, 7,587 Comments, 497 Shares by 114,949 fans

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106.7 The D, 4/21/13

You know you live in Michigan when…

507 Likes, 17 Comments, 1,080 Shares by 15,078 fans

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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 4/20/13

On Thursday evening, stretch limousines took 130 teen patients, siblings and their dates to Prom at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The New York City-themed event gave patients who might not be able to attend their own prom a special evening to remember.

113,484 Likes, 2,538 Comments, 10,486 Shares by 1,190,917 fans

Fanpage Karma | Facebook, 4/17/13

share if you agree!

1,826 Likes, 44 Comments, 3,777 Shares by 61,762 fans

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Pacific Crest Trail Association, 4/21/13

Dear John, Happy Birthday. Thanks for all that you’ve given us.

1,113 Likes, 31 Comments, 400 Shares by 17,018 fans

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evian, 4/19/13

Today the new evian babies clip makes its world premiere! Check it out below to see what happens when your inner baby is revealed!

8,744 Likes, 930 Comments, 8,949 Shares by 209,452 fans

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Raymond Weil, 4/18/13

“Precision is my Inspiration” Coming soon – April 23rd

11,006 Likes, 72 Comments, 60 Shares by 138,747 fans

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WD, 4/18/13

At 1300 Mbps, the fastest router is the My Net AC1300. What’s the fastest train in the world? #Thingsthatarefast

5,891 Likes, 212 Comments, 340 Shares by 80,369 fans


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Phil Collins Fanpage, 4/15/13

So saddened to hear of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

2,175 Likes, 119 Comments, 664 Shares by 13,593 fans

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Shalane Flanagan, 4/15/13

My family and I are safe. Thank you for your concerns. Devastating.

3,499 Likes, 145 Comments, 0 Shares by 18,618 fans

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Kara Goucher, 4/15/13

My heart is broken but my family and I are fine. Please pray for those who aren’t.

9,022 Likes, 317 Comments, 0 Shares by 81,205 fans

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Mary Balogh, 4/19/13


696 Likes, 25 Comments, 272 Shares by 9,330 fans

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Matt Anderson, 4/18/13


1,930 Likes, 106 Comments, 83 Shares by 21,661 fans

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Misery Bear, 4/18/13

I just want to be loved.

3,375 Likes, 281 Comments, 306 Shares by 59,078 fans

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Ryan Hall, 4/16/13

Thanks everyone for your concern, I made it home safely. Very sad about the events in Boston today and am praying for the victims and families, please join me

3,925 Likes, 78 Comments, 57 Shares by 62,187 fans

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James Harden, 4/21/13

Let’s Go Rockets!

3,083 Likes, 70 Comments, 249 Shares by 65,060 fans

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Morgan Uceny, 4/21/13

Sometimes you have to get down in the dirt before you can accomplish your goals…such as my 800m at Mt. SAC today, which was my first track race since the Olympics. It wasn’t glamorous but I accomplished what I wanted and am looking forward to what really matters in June! woot.

281 Likes, 15 Comments, 1 Shares by 5,911 fans

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Meb Keflezighi, 4/15/13

Tragedy @ Boston Marathon. I am okay, but concerned about others. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. Stay strong.

1,364 Likes, 66 Comments, 0 Shares by 29,139 fans

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Andre Iguodala, 4/21/13


478 Likes, 14 Comments, 1 Shares by 10,595 fans

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Adventurous Kate, 4/15/13

I’m fine. I’m two miles away from the bombings in Boston. Whatever you do — pray, send good thoughts, whatever — do that.

274 Likes, 27 Comments, 0 Shares by 6,780 fans

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Nick Delpopolo, 4/21/13

Nick Delpopolo just won GOLD at the Pan American Championships!! The only gold for the USA, Nick is now #6 in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

246 Likes, 60 Comments, 18 Shares by 8,069 fans

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Kayla Harrison – Olympic & World Champion, 4/21/13

Proud to be #BostonStrong

549 Likes, 15 Comments, 12 Shares by 15,241 fans

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Marti Malloy U.S. Judo Athlete, 4/21/13

“It is better to have dared mighty things than to have lived in the great twilight that knows neither victory or defeat.” Long day in the office, but finished with a silver medal at the Pan Am Championships.Still dreaming of that pan am gold but have plenty of things to go home and work on. Cant take my smile 😀

312 Likes, 32 Comments, 12 Shares by 9,574 fans

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Boyd Martin, 4/16/13

Thinking of those in Boston and their families today.

297 Likes, 4 Comments, 0 Shares by 8,566 fans

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Boom Social with Kim Garst, 4/16/13

Focus your anger, your sadness and your fear and do some random act of kindness today. Put some good back into the world! It needs it!

298 Likes, 13 Comments, 771 Shares by 33,098 fans

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Kobe Bryant, 4/16/13

D12 and Jodi “get buckets” Meeks stopped by the crib to check on big bro #countonteamates #lakers #playoffs

473,161 Likes, 13,074 Comments, 24,429 Shares by 16,195,492 fans

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Heather O’Reilly, 4/16/13

What a sad day in Boston. Crazy how quickly life can change. Give your loved ones a hug. We can all learn to be more present and caring everyday.

825 Likes, 13 Comments, 13 Shares by 26,996 fans

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President Bill Clinton, 4/15/13

Our thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston.

28,529 Likes, 490 Comments, 968 Shares by 990,766 fans


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The Good Men Project, 4/19/13

Tweet: “Chilling but touching picture of Syrians standing in solidarity with #Boston” —

375 Likes, 26 Comments, 1,084 Shares by 18,831 fans

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QRZ – Ham Radio, 4/17/13

908 Likes, 54 Comments, 361 Shares by 22,745 fans

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HuffPost Parents, 4/16/13

There are no words. Except Martin’s. Martin Richard died yesterday at the Boston Marathon and our prayers are with his family.

2,268 Likes, 230 Comments, 1,700 Shares by 76,014 fans

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Montana Fly Fishing Magazine, 4/15/13

The Spring Issue is Live. Thanks to all our fans, subscribers, and sponsors for helping us make this happen.

219 Likes, 10 Comments, 47 Shares by 6,467 fans

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Three Pound Trout, 4/18/13

is everyone digging our page so far?

902 Likes, 70 Comments, 0 Shares by 23,312 fans

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Yoga Teacher Journal, 4/18/13

▼ Please SHARE and Subscribe to Yoga Teacher Journal▼

251 Likes, 4 Comments, 486 Shares by 24,623 fans

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Mother Nature Network, 4/19/13

We second this. 🙂

2,305 Likes, 53 Comments, 1,311 Shares by 145,151 fans

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Golf Digest Magazine, 4/15/13

Angel Cabrera once told Adam Scott, in a time of discouragement, “You’re a great, great player.” Everyone knows that now. (Photo by Scott K. Brown/Augusta National)

2,640 Likes, 65 Comments, 411 Shares by 148,218 fans

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Nature News and Comment, 4/15/13

A step forward for transplantable artificial kidneys- Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have fitted rats with kidneys that were grown in a lab from stripped-down kidney scaffolds. When transplanted, these ‘bioengineered’ organs starting filtering the rodents’ blood and making urine.

157 Likes, 4 Comments, 421 Shares by 27,869 fans

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iFamilyKC, 4/16/13


108 Likes, 2 Comments, 17 Shares by 7,070 fans

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Runner’s World, 4/16/13

Yesterday, 1968 Boston Marathon winner Amby Burfoot reached mile 25.5 of his 45th anniversary race before being diverted. Some of what he had to say after: “We can not cover our eyes and ears, and pretend violent acts don’t threaten our great institutions. But our institutions did not become great by following a path of timidity and cowardice. And we can only hope that, when pummeled, as the Boston Marathon was today, they will rise again, stronger than ever.”

6,343 Likes, 146 Comments, 703 Shares by 448,225 fans

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TreeHugger, 4/17/13

This is one of the most outstanding videos we’ve ever watched. Time-lapse photography of the milky way set to gorgeous music. This will make your night.

935 Likes, 46 Comments, 1,175 Shares by 156,298 fans

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Fine Gardening Magazine, 4/17/13

Garden Photo of the Day! Take a seat in Julie’s leafy paradise. Click here: To get the GPOD sent to your inbox daily, click here:

179 Likes, 8 Comments, 58 Shares by 21,986 fans

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CrossFit, 4/18/13

Chuck Carswell, CrossFit L1 Flowmaster, nails a 270lb snatch for a PR during the lunch break.

3,836 Likes, 367 Comments, 744 Shares by 521,933 fans

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Field & Stream, 4/15/13

Big Cat Alert: Check out Arizona’s new heaviest fish ever!

1,430 Likes, 38 Comments, 401 Shares by 219,909 fans

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Playboy, 4/17/13

If our officials looked like Playboy’s Miss Social girls, we’re positive there would be 100% Voter turn out. Time to rock the vote on our Tax Season Challenge:

62,168 Likes, 1,722 Comments, 6,005 Shares by 8,301,761 fans

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International Fly Fishing Film Festival – IF4, 4/15/13

Check out this video from our friends at Patagonia Nation!!

26 Likes, 3 Comments, 11 Shares by 5,125 fans

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Parents Magazine, 4/18/13

So true, right? Click “Like” if you could use some more “me time.”

4,978 Likes, 77 Comments, 1,387 Shares by 956,075 fans

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Scholastic Parents, 4/20/13

We love this quote from character Albus Dumbledore. “Like” if you know which “Harry Potter” book this came from!

1,419 Likes, 11 Comments, 457 Shares by 288,461 fans

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Cooking Light magazine, 4/15/13

Our hearts go out to those affected by today’s events in Boston. We’ve heard from Cooking Light editor Mary Creel, who was racing today, and we’re happy to report she’s OK.

1,294 Likes, 16 Comments, 0 Shares by 201,640 fans


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New Life America, 4/19/13

46,030 Likes, 707 Comments, 25,688 Shares by 267,757 fans

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**A Mommy’s Perception**, 4/15/13

Love this

2,912 Likes, 46 Comments, 14,209 Shares by 65,286 fans

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Parents Place, 4/16/13

This is a cute idea. *ally x* Parents Place

264 Likes, 31 Comments, 3,642 Shares by 16,055 fans

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Mommy Needs A Break, 4/15/13

<3 God Bless Everyone Touched From This Tragedy

943 Likes, 13 Comments, 4,441 Shares by 22,933 fans

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Proud Mommy, 4/20/13

Scholarships4moms is helping Mothers go back to school and earn their degree. Click here to apply for a $10,000 Scholarship!

27,196 Likes, 92 Comments, 5,809 Shares by 256,505 fans

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Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 4/15/13

We are deeply saddened by the situation in Boston today and our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues at the Boston Marathon, and all of the spectators, participants, their families and friends.

5,552 Likes, 134 Comments, 222 Shares by 61,424 fans

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Addicted to the GYM, 4/18/13

Just when you think you’ve seen everything….WOW! YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES! Addicted to the GYM

10,827 Likes, 634 Comments, 7,348 Shares by 223,664 fans

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ING New York City Marathon, 4/15/13

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of the bombings at the Boston Marathon today, as well as with the runners, spectators, volunteers and staff of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). Marathons bring out the best of the human spirit and unite our cities and towns. This is a tragic day for all of us in the running community. We are here in full support of our close friends at the BAA. The safety and security of all New York Road Runners’ races is and will always be our top priority. We will continue to work hand in hand with the City of New York and the NYPD as we plan for upcoming events. Mary Wittenberg

4,997 Likes, 134 Comments, 510 Shares by 79,120 fans

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PGA TOUR, 4/15/13

“It’s amazing that it’s my destiny to be the first Aussie to win.” Congratulate Adam Scott on his first major championship with your LIKES and COMMENTS below!

12,058 Likes, 567 Comments, 633 Shares by 501,112 fans

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FA WSL, 4/18/13

The FA Women’s Cup is down to the last four… time to get serious! Get your Final tickets here:

158 Likes, 16 Comments, 24 Shares by 7,743 fans

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Breckenridge Ski Resort, 4/17/13

Absolutely dumping at Breck right now. Friday is going to be huge!

2,040 Likes, 90 Comments, 300 Shares by 102,404 fans

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Aspen/Snowmass, 4/16/13

So, we’ve got some new snow.

858 Likes, 39 Comments, 102 Shares by 53,114 fans

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Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, 4/17/13

This photo was taken this morning. Seriously. Photo: Matt Crawley

625 Likes, 40 Comments, 214 Shares by 48,526 fans

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, 4/15/13

How do you know spring is upon us in Jackson Hole? Elk migration begins and bears emerge after their long slumber.

865 Likes, 19 Comments, 602 Shares by 112,165 fans

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HP Pavilion at San Jose, 4/15/13

Thank you Vicente Fernández for yet another unforgettable concert! Share this photo to show Vicente your appreciation!

296 Likes, 14 Comments, 37 Shares by 28,659 fans

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Adventure Journal, 4/15/13

The AJ Poll: What’s the best state for adventure? Vote to win Smith Optics sunglasses.

20 Likes, 118 Comments, 58 Shares by 17,213 fans

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Okuma Fishing USA, 4/17/13

Savage Gear Product Tester Luke Fehr with one of the most beautiful Char we have seen. This trophy was released right after a quick picture.

1,110 Likes, 36 Comments, 117 Shares by 124,394 fans

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Minnesota Wild, 4/16/13

A total team effort and a big win to start the road trip. Get all the highlights and coverage in the 5-Hole, presented by Wells Fargo

1,860 Likes, 66 Comments, 91 Shares by 201,619 fans

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Squaw Valley, 4/17/13

The original pond skimming event that started a spring resort ritual. Every year we gather a celebrity judging panel and amazing emcee’s for this spectacle. Filled with big spills and laughable thrills this is one spring event that you never want to miss.

699 Likes, 17 Comments, 72 Shares by 84,844 fans

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USA Gymnastics, 4/20/13

A belated congrats to Bridget Sloan who has now won U.S., World, and NCAA all-around titles!

2,873 Likes, 58 Comments, 100 Shares by 354,332 fans


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Unbelievable facts, 4/17/13

An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that who ever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: ”UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?” ‘UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: “I am because we are”

329,174 Likes, 12,589 Comments, 120,716 Shares by 1,270,952 fans

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No Hope For the Human Race, 4/16/13


70,286 Likes, 2,172 Comments, 108,386 Shares by 1,875,018 fans

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Funny shades of parenting, 4/15/13

Hahaha sometimes! -Funny shades

358 Likes, 6 Comments, 146 Shares by 8,472 fans

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Publishers Clearing House, 4/16/13

“Like” this if you wish your tax refund looked like this.

21,594 Likes, 1,740 Comments, 637 Shares by 777,019 fans

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The secret to humor is surprise., 4/17/13

24,648 Likes, 481 Comments, 5,102 Shares by 1,388,143 fans

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Sexy Actresses, 4/18/13

JESSICA BIEL is still smokin hot in this new trailer ->

15,444 Likes, 593 Comments, 920 Shares by 955,731 fans

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SeagateCreative, 4/15/13

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. / See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. / I’m crying.

10 Likes, 2 Comments, 0 Shares by 16,247 fans

Fanpage Karma | Facebook,

Likes, Comments, Shares by 2,995 fans

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Storypart – Your Daily Moments,

Likes, Comments, Shares by 149 fans

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I’m allergic to stupid, 4/21/13

8 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Shares by 2,487 fans

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The LOL, 4/21/13

5 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Shares by 1,514 fans

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