Beautiful pictures get more likes – the Top Posts Week 46



Beautiful pictures get more likes – the Top Posts Week 46

A posts value directly influences the interaction. We analyzed posts of the 100 biggest Facebook pages and categorized them by their value. The result is pretty clear. Posts without any value get way less feedback than the ones that do. As you know feedback is the most important thing when trying to reach more and more people.

Sometimes, the value of a post can be very simple: if you post a picture, make sure it is beautiful. Just last week we had four Top Facebook posts with nothing more than a great view.

Earth Porn shared a picture  11/15/13

Blue Butterflies in The Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil


White Mountains New Hampshire shared a picture  11/16/13

A marvelous sight!


South Carolina Living shared a picture  11/14/13

How cool is this? Campbell’s Covered Bridge. Greenville County. The last bridge of its kind still standing in SC. Big thanks to photographer Jeff Hammond, who you can find here:


I Love Tucson shared a picture  11/12/13

I Love Tucson!!


As you see, it works, people are liking, commenting and sharing those pictures. The butterflies were even the most popular Facebook post.

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of last week.

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Brands & Co.

Earth Porn shared a picture  11/15/13

Blue Butterflies in The Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil

1,406,657 fans


NRJ 102.7 shared a picture  11/11/13

Un total de 222 500$ pour les Fêtes du 100e d’Amos! Clique “J’aime” si tu es fier du maire Ulrick CHÉRUBIN!

7,192 fans


Donatos Pizza shared a picture  11/15/13

Is today your lucky day? It’s Free Pizza Friday! Just Like or Share this post and at 4pm we’ll randomly select FIVE winners for a free large single topping pizza! Good luck!

61,412 fans


Four Play shared a video  11/14/13

Coolest guy at the boat ramp…

41,696 fans


White Mountains New Hampshire shared a picture  11/16/13

A marvelous sight!

34,705 fans

4,6221901,223 shared a picture  11/15/13

Happy Friday!

112,318 fans


I Love Tucson shared a picture  11/12/13

I Love Tucson!!

9,682 fans


Refuge Pageau shared a picture  11/13/13

Je vous présente ici, Moïgan une jeune louve d’environ 6 mois, recueillie par une agricultrice dans un champ ce printemps. Maintenant très imprégnée de l’homme, elle restera avec nous pour la vie. Cette photo vient de son nouvel enclot où elle a élu domicile depuis un mois avec sa sœur Aïda.Bonne semaine

7,248 fans


Yammer shared a picture  11/12/13

Yammer Moment #53: When your boss recognizes your contributions. See more:

35,736 fans


Be Natural Australia shared a picture  11/12/13

This post is a photo and has no text

30,421 fans


Slackline Brothers shared a video  11/13/13

Alex Mason killing it… Landing the mason misty 5!!! Wooolalallala

5,413 fans


Alliance Defending Freedom shared a picture  11/12/13

America was founded by people who prayed.The cherished American tradition of asking God’s blessing on public meetings should be defended from those who want to destroy it. SHAREIf you stand with us click “LIKE” and SHARE this message.Take action today!

465,682 fans


South Carolina Living shared a picture  11/14/13

How cool is this? Campbell’s Covered Bridge. Greenville County. The last bridge of its kind still standing in SC. Big thanks to photographer Jeff Hammond, who you can find here:

59,807 fans


PetRescue shared a picture  11/11/13

Horrie, the little white terrier mix been picked up as a pup by members of the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion, who found him starving and abandoned in the Libyan desert in 1940. Horrie became the battalion’s mascot and a new friend for a thousand Diggers. But little did they realise how their kindness to one small animal would be repaid countless times over. It turned out that this foothigh mongre…

36,827 fans


Michelin UK shared a picture  11/14/13

#ThrowbackThursday – Sweet cornering has always been one of our most important ingredients… ‘Thumbs Up’ if you love this vintage ad! #TBT

42,579 fans


A Mighty Girl shared a picture  11/14/13

Today in Mighty Girl history, six-year-old Ruby Bridges walked into William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans surrounded by a team of U.S. Marshals; thus, becoming the first African-American child to desegregate an all-white elementary school in the South. When Ruby arrived at school that first day in 1960, an event commemorated by Norman Rockwell in his famous painting “The Problem We Al…

114,702 fans


Cellucor shared a picture  11/16/13

We’re giving away four bottles of Super HD Powder! Like this post and leave a comment with what flavor you want to win (Peach Mango or Strawberry Lemonade). We’ll contact winners Monday.

220,526 fans


In Power Sisterhood shared a picture  11/17/13

When was the last time you tried to be normal?

66,469 fans


COVERGIRL shared a picture  11/15/13

You’re bound to find a gem or two among the coal — a diamond in the rough.The Hunger Games #CatchingFire #CapitolCOVERGIRL

4,616,154 fans


The Last Lions shared a picture  11/13/13

Guess who this is…You may remember him as a tiny cub from The Last Lions who we all thought hadn’t made it. Ma di Tau’s cub. Look at him now.

52,953 fans


Killington Resort shared a picture  11/11/13

Yep its November 11, 2013.

56,815 fans


Cracker Barrel Cheese shared a picture  11/13/13

If you care, “share.”

164,341 fans


Canterbury shared a picture  11/11/13

Loving this from our friends at Dump Tackle, Usual Suspectsesque!Facebook fans do you agree?

103,120 fans


PetFlow – Pet Food Delivery shared a picture  11/16/13

994,017 fans


Sensa Weight Loss shared a picture  11/12/13

Delicious Shrimp Scampi!!!4 tsp olive oil1 1/4 pounds med raw shrimp, peeled and deveined (tails left on)6-8 garlic cloves, minced1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth1/2 cup dry white wine1/4 cup fresh lemon juice1/4 cup + 1 T minced parsley1/4 tsp salt1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper4 lemon wedgesIn a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil. Saute the shrimp until just pink, ab…

342,805 fans

8,11119914,888 shared a video  11/15/13

Two beautiful new lives…how precious.

Twins who were born but haven’t realize it

108,896 fans


Bermuda Tourism shared a picture  11/14/13

Are you ready for your own island adventure? Leave the cold behind this winter and explore Bermuda with our Free Night Offer:

80,407 fans


Best Of Vines shared a video  11/12/13

This Is So Cool, Got To Try It ! * Must Watch*

This Is So Cool, Got To Try It ! * Must Watch*

4,672,688 fans


Urban Decay Cosmetics shared a picture  11/12/13

Naked3 is coming! It features 12 never-before-seen (and insanely gorgeous!) ROSE-hued neutrals. Wanna be the first to be notified when it launches? Head over to right now and sign up! #Naked3

1,321,613 fans

62,2294,36512,996 shared a video  11/15/13

Now this is epic. Van Damme delivers the split!


450,358 fans


Society & Religion

The Modern American Revolution shared a picture  11/14/13

Well that pretty much sums it up…. Me either. -BB

71,325 fans


Human Rights Campaign shared a picture  11/12/13

Congrats to Hawaii! Hawaii Senate votes 19 to 4 in favor of marriage equality! Like & share! #HI4M #Time4marriage

1,533,070 fans


Joel Osteen Ministries shared a picture  11/12/13

This post is a photo and has no text

4,926,885 fans


Faith Tap shared a picture  11/11/13

A Prayer for our Veterans, Please Share.Join our inspiring community on Facebook at

128,501 fans


Occupy London shared a picture  11/11/13

This post is a photo and has no text

40,495 fans


AORN shared a picture  11/11/13

Happy Perioperative Nurse Week! Thanks to all of you for your commitment to safe patient care. Want to share one of your proudest moments? Finish this sentence: “I’m proud to be a perioperative nurse because…”

21,272 fans


Australian Red Cross Blood Service shared a picture  11/14/13

Is this our first Blood Service baby? Luke recently came in for his 100th donation and told us he met his wife Alissa at the donor centre! Luke was donating plasma and Alissa was volunteering refreshments, they hit it off that day and are now married and recently welcomed little Amelia. We can’t promise you’ll find love, but we can promise you’ll save lives. Book today https://www.donateblo…

54,360 fans


Movember Australia shared a picture  11/17/13

Spotted in WA. Support your local moustaches:

42,859 fans


Go Coast Guard shared a picture  11/12/13

If you want to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others, you have come to the right place.

20,049 fans


The Fathers’ Rights Movement shared a picture  11/13/13

Dear President Obama, I wanted to inform you that under our present laws if Michelle files a restraining order against you and accuses you of domestic violence, which could simply be you throwing your Obamacare files across the room after a long day at the Oval Office, that you stand to lose a lot of the freedoms you purport to protect. First, uoh will be forced to leave the White House….

7,614 fans



Turbo Timmy shared a video  11/14/13

just.. AWESOME!! :Omore at Turbo Timmy

Soccer mum? Think again 😀

106,204 fans


Doreen Virtue shared a picture  11/14/13

This post is a photo and has no text

334,961 fans


Rebekka Redd shared a picture  11/11/13

Always good to know!

21,739 fans


George W. Bush shared a picture  11/17/13

This post is a photo and has no text

2,815,355 fans


Martin Wong shared a picture  11/13/13

THIS IS HOW WE GET ANTS!!!! No, seriously, there was a lot of ants on that tree and it got on to all of us. Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Fan PagePhoto by Martin Wong

7,500 fans


Paddington Bear shared a picture  11/12/13

Paddington has just been spotted at the baker’s buying the buns for his elevenses with Mr. Gruber.

7,023 fans


Meryl Davis and Charlie White shared a picture  11/11/13

Flying home from another wonderful NHK Trophy! It was a real pleasure to be a part of such a great event. Many thanks to the Japanese fans!! Can’t thank everyone enough for the support. We’re so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people #NHK2013 Back to Japan soon!!

7,136 fans


Robert Glasper shared a picture  11/13/13

This post is a photo and has no text

83,343 fans


John Assaraf shared a picture  11/12/13

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Paulo Coelho

165,472 fans


Mike Dooley shared a picture  11/13/13

This post is a photo and has no text

117,495 fans


News & Media

Babyology shared a picture  11/14/13

Sounds a little like our household?! ~ TD

170,543 fans


RH Reality Check shared a picture  11/12/13

Sounds good. What do you think?

29,486 fans


Who Magazine shared a picture  11/15/13

Home and Away (Official) star Steve Peacocke makes a Big Splash in Who Magazine’s Sexiest People Issue – On Sale Now! Click Here for more sizzling star photos from this year’s special issue:

47,232 fans


The Dogington Post shared a picture  11/16/13

Yep… happening right now. Who can relate?

152,437 fans


WSB-TV shared a picture  11/11/13

Here is a happy update — a 7-year-old boy is reunited with the two police officers who saved his life by puling him out of a burning house in Gainesville yesterday.Here’s the full story: this post to thank the officers! #wsbtv

202,351 fans


KTVU Channel 2 shared a picture  11/15/13

#SFBatkid has embarked on his San Francisco adventure made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can watch a live stream of the action as News Chopper 2 follows overhead.Watch live: more about the rest of Batkid’s day:

102,610 fans


Social Justice Solutions shared a picture  11/14/13

Before anyone says it, we ALSO need to fight for better wages, but we also feel this sentiment is at the heart of social work. Yes, we need to be paid better but we cannot allow ourselves to lose this spirit in a tradeoff.

54,406 fans


Classic Rock 101 shared a picture  11/11/13

Out of respect to our veterans, those who gave their lives and to the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, this will be the only posting this morning on the Rock 101 Facebook page.

44,485 fans


Mountain Bike Action Magazine shared a picture  11/15/13

This bike (quad) is _______________.

135,835 fans


94.7 WCSX shared a picture  11/13/13


23,630 fans


Sport & Hobby

Parents Support Page shared a picture  11/16/13

WHAT YOU NEED:1 Container with an airtight lid (grabbed out of my pantry)4 sponges cut in half ($1.00 for a 4pk at the dollar store)1 cup of your favorite fabric softener ($0.30 worth of fabric softener)2 cups water (free from my tap)WHAT TO DO:Mix the water and fabric softener into a plastic container.Add the cut sponges so they can soak in the mixture.When ready to use…

21,159 fans


Shoe Obsessed shared a picture  11/17/13

Lots of sparkle on these #booties ;)#FASHION #shoes

597,509 fans


Dugout Legends shared a picture  11/13/13

Pete Rose: HALL YES or HALL NO?

26,242 fans


Being Liberal shared a picture  11/17/13

(M) I’m not even a Christian and I like this guy.

893,213 fans


Skate Canada / Patinage Canada shared a picture  11/16/13

Patrick Chan wins gold, sets world records at ISU Grand PrixVirtue and Moir also golden, silver for Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford Chan gagne la médaille d’or et établi des records du monde dans un Grand Prix de l’UIPMédaille d’or aussi pour Virtue et Moi et une d’argent …

21,676 fans


I Love Firefighting shared a picture  11/16/13

Always worth reposting on a weekend when many departments are doing training!

21,465 fans


**A Mommy’s Perception** shared a picture  11/11/13

Lol**A Mommy’s Perception**

154,327 fans

3,9061257,698 shared a picture  11/13/13

….and here’s where they meet: 😉

123,208 fans


Melbourne Football Club shared a picture  11/11/13

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning,We will remember them.To all the diggers, past and present who have bravely fought and continue to fight for our freedom – thank you.

36,119 fans


Providence Bruins shared a video  11/11/13

By popular demand, here is the video of Malcolm Subban fighting Scott Stajcer in tonight’s matchup.

24,936 fans



Women Living Well shared a picture  11/13/13


119,210 fans


Metroplex Baby & Kids shared a picture  11/14/13

This post is a photo and has no text

42,490 fans


Men’s Humor shared a picture  11/11/13

This post is a photo and has no text

888,246 fans


Interesting Things shared a picture  11/15/13

Hidden Beach, Mexico

6,707,211 fans


Certified Bitches shared a picture  11/15/13

This post is a photo and has no text

16,343 fans


Live Nation UK shared a picture  11/15/13

NEW DATES ADDED: Eagles have added two extra dates in London and Glasgow as part of their ‘History Of The Eagles’ tour in June 2014.Tickets on sale now:

100,409 fans

5,288519839 shared a picture  11/11/13

Found this on Pinterest. Hilarous! I just had to share.”I think my apartment allows me to have fish!”

5,922 fans


Funniest Vine Videos shared a video  11/16/13

When your sister thinks she looks ugly today, Reassure her…


144,153 fans


The Dork Side shared a picture  11/16/13

Which one are you?

457,248 fans


Text From Dog shared a picture  11/17/13

This post is a photo and has no text

394,518 fans


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