Tell the right story – Facebook Top Posts Week 47



Tell the right story – Facebook Top Posts Week 47

Sometimes brands tell us a story and reach way more people they would with pure advertisement. This happened last week for the Shop “A Mighty Girl” on Facebook. The company wrote about a mom and her “mighty girl” in the European Parliament. They added some more background and further information and the Facebook post became the second popular post on Facebook last week.

Here’s the story: Licia Ronzulli is an Italian member of the European Parliament known for bringing her daughter, Vittoria, to the Parliament’s plenary sessions. She first brought her daughter to a plenary session when she was 44 days old as a symbolic gesture to support more rights for women in reconciling work and family life. A Mighty Girl shows the story including a composite picture showing the mother and daughter at Parliament sessions from September, 2010 to November, 2013.

A Mighty Girl hat ein Bild geteilt – 21.11.13

Licia Ronzulli is an Italian member of the European Parliament known for bringing her daughter, Vittoria, to the Parliament’s plenary sessions. She first brought her daughter to a plenary session when she was 44 days old as a symbolic gesture to support more rights for women in reconciling work and family life. This composite picture shows the mother-daughter duo at Parliament sessions from Sep…


The result: Almost 27,000 likes and more than 11,000 direct shares.

There are three reasons this particular post was so successful:

  1. The picture is emotional and draws attention
  2. The story is catching and matches the philosophy of the brand itself
  3. It’s not just a hint to a special mother-daughter-duo, it is well researched and enriched with a lot of information

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of last week.

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Brands & Co.

PetRescue shared a picture  11/22/13

Happy Friday everyone!

37,696 fans


A Mighty Girl shared a picture  11/21/13

Licia Ronzulli is an Italian member of the European Parliament known for bringing her daughter, Vittoria, to the Parliament’s plenary sessions. She first brought her daughter to a plenary session when she was 44 days old as a symbolic gesture to support more rights for women in reconciling work and family life. This composite picture shows the mother-daughter duo at Parliament sessions from Sep…

122,261 fans


A little contest to kick those Monday blues and get everyone excited for Christmas! Win a night at the Holman Grand Hotel, The Confederation Court Mall spending $$, tickets to Wake up Santa and a Confederation Bridge 15 pass! Like the Charlottetown PEI by Discover Charlottetown page and share this image publicly from our page for a chance to win! Contest closes on November 28th at 4PM AST.

10,170 fans


I love slacklining shared a picture  11/24/13

Nice camping :-)via ANDES VERTICAL

7,094 fans


Inked Shop shared a picture  11/18/13

Great Gifts you won’t find at the mall save 20% at checkout with code “welcome20”

93,821 fans


Romeo’s Pizza shared a status  11/18/13

We want to make your Monday happy with our FREE Pizza Monday. We’ll give away a free pizza to one lucky fan for every 100 likes. So please share this post with your friends. Ready, set, “like”! We’ll announce who gets the free pizza tomorrow morning!

7,921 fans


South Carolina Living shared a picture  11/19/13

Love this. Beautiful moon watching over the Morris Island Lighthouse. As seen from Folly Beach, aka “The Edge of America”. Great picture, Jeff Peterson. Thanks for sharing!

60,518 fans


In Power Sisterhood shared a picture  11/23/13

Give someone the gift of this kind of hug today!

71,462 fans


I Love Tucson shared a picture  11/20/13

Sometimes… There are just no words….I Love TucsonPhoto Credit @Greg McCown

9,743 fans


Hooning shared a picture  11/18/13

im sure we can get over 30000 comments(comment as many times as you want)

293,114 fans


Earth Porn shared a picture  11/20/13

Natural Pool, Thasos Island, Greece

1,915,075 fans


6abc Action News shared a picture  11/20/13

A picture worth a thousand words…This photo was posted earlier this week on the website Imgur and has since gone viral (with more than 900,000 views!) – Two North Carolina State Football players see a fellow student eating alone and decide to join him for lunch.

285,193 fans


TOTORO shared a picture  11/23/13


16,801 fans


Welcome PEI shared a picture  11/18/13

The Confederation Bridge is a breathtaking sight from the air too! ‘Share’ if you agree! Thanks to Neil Taylor Photography for this great aerial shot. (

7,299 fans

43116451 shared a picture  11/20/13

Indeed! Share if you agree and tell us about your grandbabies!

112,900 fans


Studio Ghibli UK shared a picture  11/20/13

We hope you haven’t forgotten your umbrella today! #totoro

8,250 fans


FACE Low-Cost, Spay/Neuter Clinic shared a picture  11/20/13

You do have to wonder if this is what they’re thinking…

11,305 fans


Donatos Pizza shared a picture  11/22/13

We’re celebrating tonight’s Busted Bosses episode on Undercover Boss with a special FREE PIZZA FRIDAY!Like or Share this post and at 8/7c, when the episode begins on CBS, we’ll randomly select 10 lucky winners of a free large one topping pizza!

61,629 fans


Asda shared a picture  11/19/13

Spot the difference for a chance to win £50 to see how far your money goes at Asda! Just comment below to tell us how many differences there are between the two pictures – we’ll pick a winner from all the right answers! Closes Nov 26, T&Cs apply: believe in beating prices, not matching them – just one reason why you’re better off at Asda this Christmas:…

1,085,909 fans


Bloch Dance Europe shared a picture  11/22/13


20,933 fans


KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh shared a picture  11/22/13

The parents of a New Castle boy take a stand against #bullying! After their 12-year-old was suspended from school for bullying younger students, they are having him stand on a street corner wearing a cardboard sign saying: “My name is Gage, and I am a Bully!”FULL STORY: you agree with the punishment?

60,102 fans


Kiel James Patrick shared a picture  11/21/13

The wise arrow points to friendship. Giving away 5 samples from this Seasons “Archer Friendship” Collection 1 week before we start shipping. These friendship bracelets were 100% handcrafted in Rhode Island from Egyptian cotton with a Rhode Island made Brass arrow closure. Who wants one before anyone else?? “Like” and “share” and comment your favorite for your chance to win. Winners announ…

66,852 fans


Fox Carolina News shared a picture  11/21/13

This is a sweet story we just had to share!! Taylor and Danielle met before he served in Afghanistan. When he returned a quadruple amputee, she stayed right by his side the whole time. Here’s some photos they’ve shared of their relationship before and after. LIKE and SHARE this if this is a love story you won’t soon forget! (Photos: Tim Dodd…

103,230 fans


NARAL Pro-Choice America shared a picture  11/20/13

HUGE news: We beat the abortion ban in Albuquerque and stopped the anti-choice forces like Operation Rescue! SHARE this graphic to tell your friends about this win for women! Our statement –>

90,188 fans


Marriage shared a picture  11/21/13

This post is a photo and has no text

688,254 fans


The University of Arizona shared a picture  11/23/13

And that is how you #BearDown!

180,844 fans


Kroger shared a picture  11/24/13

***Thanks to everyone who entered! This contest has concluded. The correct answer was Subway. All winners will be sent a direct message from our contest administrator. Please check back tomorrow for your next chance to win*** Feed us your guess in the comments for a chance to win a $25 gift card and have a little fun. Enter between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST to be considered. Jus…

680,358 fans


PetFlow – Pet Food Delivery shared a picture  11/21/13

Beautiful…please share to salute BRAVE AMERICAN K9 SOLDIERS! > and donate a simple “Like” to help us reach our goal. 100% FREE! #petflow

994,599 fans


Mammoth Mountain shared a picture  11/22/13

A foot of fresh in the last three days!

165,954 fans


Society & Religion

Interracial Dating shared a picture  11/19/13

This post is a photo and has no text

282,825 fans


The Modern American Revolution shared a picture  11/21/13


72,377 fans


Sisters of Mercy of the Americas shared a picture  11/21/13

Happy Birthday, Sister Charlotte McGrath! She turns 100 years old today.In case you’re wondering, 80 of those years have been as a Sister of Mercy.

15,440 fans


British National Party shared a picture  11/20/13

Break the media blackout expose the truth

94,951 fans


Occupy London shared a picture  11/19/13

The Truth.EC

41,131 fans


UK Independence Party (UKIP) shared a picture  11/23/13

Nigel Farage: On the train home from hospital earlier. But no more 18 hour days for me…for at least a fortnight

53,953 fans


RNLI shared a picture  11/19/13

Aged just 17 and one day, our youngest crew member Josh Double was part of The Mumbles crew called to help two people who had been cut off by the tide on Friday. His fellow crew are very proud of him – but they don’t miss out on the chance to tease him when he turns up to the station in his school uniform! Well done Josh!

85,581 fans


Joel Osteen Ministries shared a status  11/21/13

God will give you strength when you think you can’t go on. He will give you joy when you should be discouraged. He can make a way when it looks impossible.

4,963,520 fans


Obamacare shared a picture  11/23/13

Share so people know Obamacare is here to stay.

727,079 fans


The Fathers’ Rights Movement shared a picture  11/21/13

This post is a photo and has no text

7,819 fans


Greenpeace Australia Pacific shared a picture  11/19/13

The state of the fishing industry in the Pacific Ocean is beyond crisis point. Our latest investigation reveals how there’s 2.5 times more fishing capacity in the world than available fish, and as little as 5% of profits are being returned to Pacific island countries: SHARE this if you want an end to illegal, abusive and polluting fishing vessels!

56,277 fans



12Til shared a picture  11/23/13

Random but this baby is beautiful. Share if you agree

190,050 fans


Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin shared a picture  11/20/13

Happy Birthday to pal Joe Walsh of Eagles! 66 years young today & Life’s Been Good to him so far. “HOW YA DOIN?”

51,286 fans


Henry Cavill Org shared a picture  11/20/13

People Magazine may not think Henry Cavill is the sexiest man alive, but we do (in case you were wondering)!

66,690 fans


Bart Crow shared a picture  11/22/13

S’up world, nice to meet you…We don’t have names yet #babyA #babyB #twinsbasil #6.2 #6.7

77,550 fans


Illy shared a picture  11/18/13

always happy to help.

97,652 fans


Doreen Virtue shared a picture  11/23/13

This post is a photo and has no text

340,340 fans


Tamika Catchings shared a picture  11/23/13

#LEGENDARY #PatSummittPlaza #SoBlessed #GreatestCoachEver #Family #Love

13,552 fans


George W. Bush shared a status  11/22/13

“Today we remember a dark episode in our Nation’s history, and we remember the leader whose life was cut short 50 years ago. John F. Kennedy dedicated himself to public service, and his example moved Americans to do more for our country. He believed in the greatness of the United States and the righteousness of liberty, and he defended them. On this solemn anniversary, Laura and I join our f…

2,844,973 fans


Sandi Krakowski shared a picture  11/18/13

Nothing… Save this pic to your phone so you don’t forget! #BEMORE

322,007 fans


Travis Stevens, U.S. Judo Athlete shared a picture  11/19/13

Just got my black belt from John Danaher today. Thanks to everyone at RGA for helping me!!!!!

22,200 fans


News & Media

The Dogington Post shared a picture  11/19/13


155,349 fans


NBC Connecticut shared a picture  11/19/13

Nordstrom at Westfarms has just posted this sign in its store. They’re keeping their holiday decorations away for now. They say they want their employees to enjoy Thanksgiving, so the store will be closed that day, and then open, fully decorated for the Christmas shopping season, on Black Friday. Click “LIKE” if that sounds good to you

285,284 fans


Occupy News Network shared a link  11/23/13

This is the sick heartbreaking reality of today when an 80 plus year old gentleman has been evicted by his landlord because he could not pay his rent with no help what so ever. He has been let down by this tyrannical government thrown on the street and left to die. He was found by one homeless person who gave their hot meal and blankets to this now homeless 80 plus year old gentleman who has be…


5,607 fans


Breaking Bad shared a picture  11/19/13

Who misses these two?

6,790,611 fans


94.7 WCSX shared a picture  11/22/13

If you leave your dog outside tonight, or any night its very cold, I hope you die. Does not have to be a slow painful death, instantly killed by a bus would be fine. – Dave Dahmer

23,808 fans


Dogs Naturally Magazine shared a picture  11/21/13

Itchy dog? There’s one really big problem with your grain-free kibble: they can’t make it without starch. That starch is not only cheap to source, but it’s necessary to hold the kibble together. So those grain-free foods, expensive veterinary allergy foods and super premium foods all have one common denominator: lots of starch and lots of reasons for your dog to suffer from yeast and itchy sk…

27,156 fans


Babyology shared a picture  11/18/13

I like this one… ~ TD

172,497 fans


WPXI-TV Pittsburgh shared a picture  11/22/13

Meet America’s longest-married couple!John and Ann Betar eloped on Nov. 25, 1932. Monday marks their 81st anniversary. John’s tips on a happy marriage? Be content. Always hold hands. “We have watched the world change together,” John said. “The key is to always agree with your wife.”READ MORE >>>

130,095 fans


98ROCK Tampa Bay shared a picture  11/22/13

This. -kage

43,089 fans


414,805 fans


Sport & Hobby

Fodder 4 Fathers shared a picture  11/21/13

Is this wrong? (From our good buddy at Pure Hilarity)

43,049 fans


Being Mommy shared a picture  11/21/13

This post is a photo and has no text

1,545,152 fans


Shoe Obsessed shared a picture  11/20/13

Sparkle into my closet!!! #FASHION #shoes #heels

743,181 fans


Carolina Panthers shared a picture  11/19/13

Panthers defeat Patriots to win sixth straight and improve to 7-3 on the season!

686,007 fans


Awkward Gym Moments shared a video  11/20/13

“There’s no way people can be this stupid!” – We see this comment on a lot of the Awkward Gym Moments videos people send in to us. Well, this video right here just goes to show that yes, people can be that stupid – however, we believe that this is just about as brainless as you can get.Epic, commentary was epic.


689,272 fans


Stay at Home Mum shared a picture  11/20/13

My kids will walk all the way out to me hanging the washing out on the line to ask me something, calling out to me the whole time, while their Dad is sitting three steps away in the lounge room! Do your kids do that?

266,840 fans


Dogbook shared a picture  11/22/13

Kitty? What kitty?Dogbook Catbook

526,517 fans


Parenthood 101 shared a picture  11/18/13

What a good idea!! -Kay

67,045 fans


I Love Firefighting shared a picture  11/23/13

When I am called to duty….- I Love Firefighting

23,408 fans


marmot basin shared a picture  11/23/13

There was a proposal at Marmot Basin today!Congratulations Amy & Darrion!!

7,611 fans



Women Living Well shared a picture  11/20/13

I thank the Lord for a legacy of praying grandma’s! Are you a grandma? Do not under estimate the value of your prayers – we need them!

123,693 fans


Men’s Humor shared a picture  11/21/13

This post is a photo and has no text

1,031,635 fans


Metroplex Baby & Kids shared a picture  11/22/13

This post is a photo and has no text

43,328 fans


Funny shades of parenting shared a picture  11/21/13

— Cy

12,077 fans


Interesting Things shared a picture  11/18/13

A baby Polar Bear..

7,095,460 fans


Amazing and Crazy videos shared a video  11/21/13

Deer Hunter Gets A Surprise

Deer Hunter Gets A

1,522,109 fans

23,0585,33246,048 shared a picture  11/22/13

Throw the squeakie please

5,963 fans


Best Vines shared a video  11/18/13

Human…. Don’t. I’m Serious.Vine By: Sixten and Morrgan

Human…. Don’t. I’m

18,114,695 fans


The Dork Side shared a picture  11/24/13


457,661 fans


Incredible Things shared a picture  11/20/13

This is the view from the world’s tallest water slide

52,417 fans


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