5 things you should know about your competition

Which company doesn’t want to take a look behind the closed doors of its competitors and see what they are planning, which strategies are being developed and what are their biggest hits and misses. Of course, in the end

Beautiful pictures get more likes – the Top Posts Week 46

A posts value directly influences the interaction. We analyzed posts of the 100 biggest Facebook pages and categorized them by their value. The result is pretty clear. Posts without any value get way less feedback than t

LSD for everyone – posts need to have value

Having a Facebook page costs a lot of time and dedication, something every page administrator is aware of. Not only to create content, but especially to establish a community. A goal is tha

How do your fans interact with your page?

We have something new. Fanpage Karma always wants page administrators to get to know their fans better. Now we added a new analytic possibility for that: the Fan-Retention.

It’s the goal of every page to reach as many

Get to know your fans

Good content is the basis for a successful Facebook page. We recently wrote what “good content” actually means a

Beautiful Facebook

We checked beauty brands on Facebook and analyzed 50 pages in the past three months. This time the ranking is open. If you miss a page, just comment below and we will add it to the ranking.


Go for the good – the Top Posts Week 45

It’s not easy to be a public news agency or news page on Facebook. You have to publish the worst stories, bad news, articles about war, crime and disaster. But once in a while a good story wins your fans over. As seen la

Pumpkins, babies and costumes – the Top Posts Week 44

Last week it was all about Halloween in the social net. Also on Facebook there is a lot of input of costumes, partys and pumpkins.
In the Top Posts of last week we had a lot of children’s costumes,

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