Searching for the christmas spirit – Top Posts Week 50

Christmas draws closer every week. But english Facebook pages barely focus on seasonal content. Why is that? Probably because for most it’s not necessary to adjust their strategies as long as they have interesting or fun

Liquor on Facebook

We checked 32 US-liquor brands and their performance on Facebook and analyzed the activity on Facebook over the last 90 days. The entire ranking is attached underneath.

The amount of fans is pre

YouTube Open Beta – Try our Video Analytics Now

When Jawed Karim uploaded a little video called “Me at the zoo” to the internet, nobody could have guessed how this eventually will turn out.


RIP Nelson Mandela – the Top Posts Week 49

Last week Nelson Mandela died. A person everybody knew and, more important, everybody liked. Nowadays, if something like this happens everybody gets his smartphone, tablet or computer and posts something

Users react twice as often on Facebook posts when it rains

Usually, a lot of factors are considered before posting on Facebook: day, time or posting type are just three of them. But one important thing has always been ignored: Which influence does the weather have? A

How to share condolences on Facebook. The Top Posts Week 48

This week we saw how complicated it can be to share condolences on Facebook. After the actor Paul Walker and his friend died in a horrible car crash celebrities, fans and media agencies expressed their feelings on social

Easy as pie: Analyzing and benchmarking developments

A lot of you are using Fanpage Karma on a daily basis. And one of the most important things when using something regularly is usability. And every so often the little things make all the difference between good and reall

Tell the right story – Facebook Top Posts Week 47

Sometimes brands tell us a story and reach way more people they would with pure advertisement. This happened last week for the Shop “A Mighty Girl” on Facebook. The company wrote about a mom and her “mighty girl” in the