How do your fans interact with your page?



How do your fans interact with your page?

We have something new. Fanpage Karma always wants page administrators to get to know their fans better. Now we added a new analytic possibility for that: the Fan-Retention.

It’s the goal of every page to reach as many users as possible. Therefore content is created, promotions are invented, pictures are made. Businesses hire social media or community manager to run their profiles on social networks. And the fans pay this effort back using their own currency: likes (great) or shares (even better).

Whom do you reach?

But it is not easy to control who you really reach and how often your fans get to see your content. Are always the same users liking your posts or do you manage to reach also fans who are rather cheap with their likes?

The more often a new fan shares your content the better. That means your content reaches completely new areas of users you didn’t reach before.


All that you can check with our tool from now on. The “Fan-Retention” shows, how often fans interact with a page.

We checked that as an example with the page of The New York Times. In the past 90 days 80% of the users who interacted did this just once. And 1.4% even more than ten times.


You find the “Fan-Retention” at the insights at “Influencers“.

As it always have been with Fanpage Karma you can explore more than just your own page. You can analyze any page you want. Want to check how your competitors doing – do their fans interact differently than yours? Check it now!

Get to know your fans: Try Fanpage Karma for free!

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