I quit – Facebook Top Posts Week 39



I quit – Facebook Top Posts Week 39

This week’s Top Posts are far from what we expected them to look like. Almost no bended phones, no complaining customers, nothing.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook wasn’t flooded with funny pictures about the flaws of the newest Apple product. Kinda surprising, considering the overwhelming success most companies had with their campaigns. Instead we got gigantic waterslides…

Josh Flagg hat ein Video geteilt 22.09.14

wow… would you try this?

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underwear patches that make your farts smell nice…

Pink Boutique hat ein Bild geteilt 24.09.14

Tag someone who needs these

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and a debate about renewable energies.

The Climate Institute hat ein Bild geteilt 22.09.14

Dropping the Renewable Energy Target makes little sense.More than just the environment, the RET also makes for good economics. The fact is that it already underpins around 21,000 jobs and has reduced carbon emissions by around 20 million tonnes – and is set to stimulate and grow the businesses of the future.We can’t let the energy dinosaurs get their way.There’s too much at stake and time…

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But those weren’t the only green topics last week. The most memorable was a clip of an alaskan news-anchor who quit her job live on TV.

Uni Lad hat ein Video geteilt 22.09.14

How to quit your job like a BOSS.

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The women seen here is Charlo Green, the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. According to her own statement this stunt was in the making for couple months. The purpose of it? Bringing attention to the current marihuana laws in Alaska and to inspire people to vote against the prohibition of the drug.

It definitely takes guts to pull something like that. Even the iPhone 6 was impressed…

Pilerats hat ein Bild geteilt 25.09.14

Shots fired.

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To finish off we’ve got a really nice guide for you. Did you ever plan on robbing a store? This guide will teach you all the basics in a matter of seconds:

  • bring some friends
  • decide what you want to steal

WBAY TV-2 hat ein Video geteilt 23.09.14

Watch as a group of women swoop in and steal $6,000 worth of merchandise in just seconds from an Oshkosh store this weekend.More:http://bit.ly/1v1GIZS

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The fitter you are, the easier it is. Covering your license plate gives extra points. Those three didn’t. Pretty unfortunate if you ask us.

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Have fun with the Top Posts of week 39.

Brands & Co.

Pilerats shared a picture  9/25/14

Shots fired.

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Buzzfeed Community shared a link  9/22/14

Today is the 20th anniversary of when FRIENDS (TV Show) first premiered on TV.

33 Hilarious “Friends” Quotes That Will Always Be There For Youbzfd.it

8,893 fans


FOX16 News shared a picture  9/26/14

Share this photo please: Pulaski County realtor Beverly Carter, 49, has been reported missing after her car is found in front of a home she had shown early Thursday evening. Read more details on FOX16.com. — http://bit.ly/1DCZKuH

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WATE 6 News shared a video  9/22/14

After listening to this kid give a post game interview you will think you can do ANYTHING today! Anything…. Meet Apollos Hester, a player for the East View Patriots in Texas. A tough win over their opponent ends in one of the best sports interviews we have seen a while and yes, it’s gone viral. If this doesn’t start your Monday off with a BANG we don’t know what will. #viralvideo

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Ladybird Books shared a picture  9/22/14

Well-loved Tales: The Elves and the Shoemaker, 1965 #memorylanemonday

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~ LAST COMMENT WINS one of the new designs, you pick the one you want from the picture, there will be TWO winners~ Must be a FB friend to win, don’t forget to ‘like’ my page~ The game will run until I post ‘STOP’ the winners will be the comment before and right after I post ‘STOP’~ Facebook will block you if you comment too fast…~ Ready ??? Go !!

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Waggin’ Train Dog Treats shared a picture  9/23/14

“Not sure what fall is, but I love it!” Show us pictures of your furry friend celebrating the #FirstDayofFall! #DogThoughts

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Scarywood Haunted Nights shared a picture  9/24/14

Win 2 tickets to Scarywood! LIKE this post by 10pm PST to be entered to win. Double your chances by tagging the person you want to bring! Winner will be randomly chosen tomorrow. Scarywood opens on October 3rd!! Good luck!!

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Gracepoint shared a picture  9/28/14

David Tennant will be on your TV screen this Thursday at 9/8c on FOX!

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RebelsMarket shared a picture  9/22/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Save a Dog shared a video  9/23/14

This will make you cry – watch as a Pit Bull puppy is reunited with the man who rescued him from life as a bait dog. (Via: bit.ly/1rmyefD)

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RTV6 (WRTV – Indianapolis) shared a picture  9/26/14

Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still says his 4-year-old daughter came through her surgery, and doctors were able to remove all of her tumor. You might have seen the popular pre-surgery pep talk video Still posted yesterday on Instagram. In case you missed it, we’ve included it in our story: http://bit.ly/1u2SpAt

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Jupiter Ascending shared a video  9/26/14

Watch Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in the new trailer for #JupiterAscending! In theaters February 2015.

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WCPO – 9 On Your Side shared a picture  9/25/14

UPDATE: Leah Still, daughter of Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still, had all of her cancerous tumor removed in surgery today: http://bit.ly/1n1qEr8^LC

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MarineMax Vacations shared a picture  9/22/14

“Wheeee!!!” Kids of all ages are shouting out “it’s my turn!!” Have you booked your vacation yet? What are you waiting for??

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Fox 35 WOFL shared a picture  9/22/14

The halls of one Texas high school were filled with more than anxious students on Friday. These students literally surrounded their classmate with support after his mother lost her battle with cancer. The photo went viral online and led to even more support: http://bit.ly/1rrGgUY

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The Climate Institute shared a picture  9/22/14

Dropping the Renewable Energy Target makes little sense.More than just the environment, the RET also makes for good economics. The fact is that it already underpins around 21,000 jobs and has reduced carbon emissions by around 20 million tonnes – and is set to stimulate and grow the businesses of the future.We can’t let the energy dinosaurs get their way.There’s too much at stake and time…

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FOX 26 Houston shared a picture  9/22/14

The halls of a Texas high school were filled with more than anxious students on Friday. These students literally surrounded their classmate with support after his mother lost her battle with cancer. Read the full story here —>http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/26581974/community-comes-together-to-support-teen-athlete-grieving-mothers-loss

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Sporting News shared a link  9/23/14

This Just In: Cristiano Ronaldo is still really, really good.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores four, brings weekly team total to 18bit.ly

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Pink Boutique shared a picture  9/24/14

Tag someone who needs these

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Big Hero 6 shared a video  9/25/14

Watch Baymax, Hiro, and the rest of the Big Hero 6 suit up in the brand new trailer. In theatres in 3D November 7.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 – Official US Trailer 2facebook.com

175,248 fans


Jim Beam American Stillhouse shared a picture  9/27/14

Book yourself on a guided tour starting at the Jim Beam® American Stillhouse, which will take you through the entire Jim Beam® Bourbon-making process from start to finish. We can’t wait for you to visit our Kentucky Distillery. We promise you’ll come as a friend and leave as family.http://bit.ly/jimbeamtours

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WOWT 6 News shared a picture  9/22/14

Ashley Carter got engaged two weeks ago. She was killed in a tragic crash this weekend. Please show her family-and fiancé-support tonight. STORY: http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/Driver-In-Critical-Condition-After-Hitting-Power-Pole-275908571.html

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Laughing Squid shared a link  9/26/14

An Inflatable Pool Lounger That Looks Like a Landspeeder Vehicle From the ‘Star Wars’ Films

An Inflatable Pool Lounger That Looks Like a Landspeeder Vehicle From the ‘Star Wars’ Filmslaughingsquid.com

329,660 fans


KFOX-TV shared a picture  9/25/14

One El Paso girl decides to give back on her birthday. She made the decision to cut her hair and donate it to Locks of Love. What do you think about her generous gift? See her reaction: http://bit.ly/1qwaGQkPhoto courtesy of April Cervantes.

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WBAY TV-2 shared a video  9/23/14

Watch as a group of woman swoop in and steal $6,000 worth of merchandise in just seconds from an Oshkosh store this weekend.More:http://bit.ly/1v1GIZS

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NewsWest 9 shared a picture  9/26/14

Thomas Brown helped pull a 50-year-old woman found unconscious out of her burning apartment this morning here at Ranchland Apartments in Midland. He says he does not consider himself a hero, he’s just doing what others would do for him.

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WBIR Channel 10 shared a picture  9/26/14

WWE wrestler Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane, shared lessons in kindness to young children in East Tennessee. MORE: http://on.wbir.com/1pvvtU7

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KAAL – ABC 6 News shared a picture  9/25/14

Two police officers found this 19-year-old with mental and physical disabilities wandering along a highway in Washington State. They found his family, but the family doesn’t want to help the young man. Now the officers are on a mission to find him housing so he isn’t living on the streets. http://abcn.ws/1mvriNd

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Planet Paws Pet Essentials shared a picture  9/22/14

Do you know what a Titer Test is?Shockingly, many pet owners have no idea!A titer test is a laboratory or in-house veterinary test measuring the existence and level of antibodies (necessary to fight off disease) in your pet’s blood. Basically, it’s a test that will tell you whether or not you actually need to vaccinate your pet. Why is this so important?Because of what can happen if you…

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Society & Religion

Church Of God In Christ, Inc. shared a picture  9/25/14

Share If Love Jesus!Let’s see how many people we can tell we love Jesus today. If we are not ashamed of Him, He will not be ashamed of us before the Father.

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A Mighty Girl shared a picture  9/25/14

When Keshia Thomas was 18 years old in 1996, the KKK held a rally in her home town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hundreds of protesters turned out to tell the white supremacist organization that they were not welcome in the progressive college town. At one point during the event, a man with a SS tattoo and wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag ended up on the protesters’ side of the fe…

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People Against the NDAA shared a picture  9/25/14

What could go wrong?

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John Hagee Ministries shared a picture  9/24/14

God knows the burdens you carry and the tears you shed. He is the healer of broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken lives. He never fails. – John Hagee Ministries

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AORN shared a picture  9/25/14

#tbt 1920s: “Murals cover the walls of the operating room at Barnes Jewish Hospital in the early 20th century. The walls were painted by a surgeon who wanted to give patients something to look at while they waited for their anesthesia.”(via Retronaut)

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Britain First shared a picture  9/27/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Appalachian Mountain Club shared a picture  9/23/14

Break out your flannels and corduroys because it’s official – fall’s here.

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The Scottish Parliament shared a picture  9/26/14

What one question would you like to ask the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning?The Education and Culture Committee will be taking evidence from Michael Russell MSP on 7 October to discuss the new National Qualifications and Curriculum for Excellence and we want to hear from you. Are you a pupil, parent or teacher affected by the new qualifications and, if so, do you have …

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DAAD North America shared a picture  9/23/14

Study in Germany!

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Concordia Publishing House shared a picture  9/22/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Erin Coleman Wsb-Tv shared a picture  9/22/14

He’s here! After 9 months, my little bundle decided to make his debut Sunday afternoon. Thank you all so much for the kind words of encouragement and support. I’m so in love. My heart is full. #wsbtv

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Josh Flagg shared a video  9/22/14

wow… would you try this?

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Rachele Brooke Smith shared a video  9/22/14

Sneak peak from the shoot today with Casall “SKY HIGH” and stretching the limits over NYC. Couldn’t help singing this song in my head the whole day:”I hope that you spend your days and they all add up.And when that sun goes down I hope you raise your cup.I owned every second that this world could give,I saw so many places the things that I did,Yeah with every broken bone…I swear I lived…

SKY HIGH YOGAfacebook.com

26,352 fans


Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors shared a video  9/24/14

An ode to the great state we call home: Tennessee

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Fred Blankenship shared a picture  9/26/14

Great Friday Morning!!! If you thought my youngest wasn’t going to get in on the act–you haven’t met the Blankenship crew. Ha!!! We are still working on his clothing choices. 🙂 Have some fun and smile this Friday. Let’s get it!!!#wsbtv

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Michael Fiore shared a picture  9/27/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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The Roundabout Crew shared a video  9/23/14

Clive Palmer REKT a reporter today…Our instagram is @roundaboutcrew#clivepalmer #rekt

Clive Palmer REKT a reporterfacebook.com

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Lizzy the Lezzy shared a picture  9/22/14

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WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz shared a picture  9/23/14

She’s even prettier in person!

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James Rhodes shared a status  9/27/14

Today I’m marrying THE great love of my life. Have never felt luckier or happier. There will be laughter, tears (of joy), all the food and dancing 🙂

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News & Media

Mix 100.7 shared a picture  9/28/14

I always want Chick-fil-A on Sunday!

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KCEN TV shared a picture  9/23/14

2 years ago Liz Mitchell was in an accident that left her paralyzed, told she would never walk again. Now this Waco woman is expecting her first child. Watch her incredible story here –> http://www.kcentv.com/story/26599333/from-paralysis-to-pregnancy-a-waco-womans-journey-to-recovery

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Flight Journal shared a picture  9/23/14

It’s been blooded! During yesterday’s strikes against the Islamic State, the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor made its first-ever combat ops…more at http://tinyurl.com/kh7vgbk. What say ye?

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WLTX News19 shared a video  9/25/14

BREAKING: Graphic video released of a South Carolina Highway Patrol state trooper who shot an unarmed driver at a gas station.FULL COVERAGE: http://on.wltx.com/1pdRCHb

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SheKnows shared a link  9/26/14

You can hear the crowd gasp when they realize she isn’t messing around. Way to go, Gaga.

Watch Lady Gaga break up a fight in her own audience (VIDEO)oak.ctx.ly

211,710 fans


BuzzFeed UK shared a picture  9/24/14

188,300 fans


WCTI NewsChannel 12 shared a picture  9/24/14

A BOLO alert has been issued for a missing Camp Lejeune Marine, who his girlfriend says is struggling with PTSD.Cpl. Justin Monk is now listed as an unauthorized absence. His girlfriend is urging the public to share his pictures in hopes of finding him.DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1ru31Yi

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BuzzFeed Violet shared a video  9/24/14

What You’re Like With Your BFF Vs. Everyone ElseStarring: Ashley Perez

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BuzzFeed Style shared a picture  9/24/14

Tom Hiddleston’s Tweet Supporting Emma Watson’s #HeForShe Campaign Is The Best Yet: http://bzfd.it/1tZeYpB

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Animal Wellness Magazine shared a picture  9/26/14

We’re very sad to announce that Faith, the two-legged dog who inspired millions, has passed away. All of us at Animal Wellness Magazine have been deeply touched by the incredible tenacity of this dog. We all send our love to Faith the Dog and her owner, Jude. Please share your condolences by leaving a comment. Read our article and see how the last moments of Faith’s life were exceptionally hea…

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Sport & Hobby

Beamly shared a link  9/22/14

Hilary Duff just made our little Disney hearts melt by saying that she’s on-board for a Lizzie McGuire reunion. Here’s what needs to happen:

13 Things We Want to See in a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reunionus.beamly.com

15,705 fans


Uni Lad shared a video  9/22/14

How to quit your job like a BOSS.

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Street FX Motorsport & Graphics shared a video  9/23/14

This looks about right for when the time calls hahaha

Guys be likefacebook.com

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That’s a Colorado State WIN! Final from Chestnut Hill, Rams 24, BC 21! Go Rams!

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I am ProHeart shared a picture  9/22/14

It certainly does. Do you look at things in your life differently since your heart event?

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GWS Giants shared a picture  9/23/14

We hope this piece of Brownlow memorabilia from last night is binding.

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The LAD Bible shared a picture  9/26/14

Best girlfriend ever… #FIFA15Friday

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Foreurs de Val-d’Or shared a picture  9/25/14

Les foreurs rendaient hommage à Madame Lucille Tremblay ainsi qu’au maire d’Amos, M. Ulrick Chérubin.

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Step Parents Perspective shared a picture  9/25/14

~Ingrid~ Step Parents Perspective

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Townsville Barra Fun Park shared a picture  9/24/14

ENTER TO WIN a Family Day Pass for 2 adults and 2 children to Barra Fun Park. Simply follow the steps to enter:Step 1) LIKE this postStep 2) COMMENT under this post eg “I love Barra Fun Park”Step 3) VERIFY your entry click here: http://zosoci.al/3426/barrafunpark0924PS SHARE it with your friends so they can enter too Winner will be drawn and announced at 4pm Sunday 28th September 2014. T…

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HELLO! shared a link  9/25/14

Isn’t he the perfect husband?David Beckham showed his support for wife Victoria Beckham when he turned up to visit her just-opened flagship store #VBDoverSt

David Beckham visits wife Victoria’s new London storefashion.hellomagazine.com

707,749 fans


Cinema Blend shared a link  9/23/14

Check out this touching image of Paul Walker (RIP) and Vin Diesel from Fast & Furious 7 after the jump!

Fast & Furious 7 Just Gave Us This Touching Look At Paul Walker And Vin Dieselcinemablend.com

1,288,854 fans


YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner.com shared a picture  9/25/14

Gretel and I are off to the vet this morning to get her health certificate for flying.

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PanicStream.com shared a picture  9/27/14


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The Mad Hueys shared a video  9/25/14

Wow Wow Wow this is heavy hahahahahahahahahahhaha

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Faith.com shared a picture  9/22/14


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Vulture shared a link  9/22/14

Emma Watson is a powerful speaker.

Emma Watson Delivers Powerful Speech on Feminism at the U.N.vult.re

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Cute n’ Country shared a picture  9/22/14

Autumn Love <3

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I Love My Boston Terrier shared a picture  9/24/14

Too cute!(Photo by Annick Dépatie)

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Mommy Shorts shared a link  9/23/14

This is hilarious but I can’t believe they left out “The Runaway Bunny”. I giggle every time I have to say the words “blow me.”

19 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Kids’ Booksbuzzfeed.com

68,015 fans


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