Move your hips – Facebook Top Posts Week 41



Move your hips – Facebook Top Posts Week 41

Music was the topic most people cared about last week. No, it wasn’t about music videos made by well known artists or a recently published album…

South Park for example made fun of the music industry and the way music is created in today’s world. How close this is to reality probably depends on the artist but we doubt that they are far off with their parody.

Visionaire shared a video  10/9/14

LOLLLLSouth Park makes fun of music production xD

South Park makes fun of music


But even today there are still people who make music without the help of computers. They just set up their instruments and start playing. Sometimes they even use garbage to transport their message. Like this guy who pulls off a drum solo using plastic buckets and old cogwheels.

Drum Talk TV shared a video  10/7/14

Here’s a video shot by Drum Talk TV fan Eduardo Nascimento in Sao Luis, Brasil. You never know what talent and determination you may come upon during a walk. How determined are you to reach YOUR dreams?You can see all our interview episodes at #drummerdetermination

Talent and


Another thing that is part of music is the fact that most people feel the urge to move their body. And if someone’s moves are well known they usually end up being pretty damn popular on social media. Alfonso Ribeiro’s performance at ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ is a perfect example for this is.

WFTV Channel 9 shared a video  10/7/14

It FINALLY happened, Fresh Prince fans — Alfonso Ribeiro took us back to the ‘90s and busted out the “Carlton” on Dancing with the Stars last night.Watch the complete performance >> #wftv

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There’s barely anyone who doesn’t recognize that dance.

Physical activities generally caught the attention of people last week. Dancing can be exhausting, but what about snowboarding?

Sage Kotsenburg shared a video  10/10/14


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No idea what he caught there, but watching someone fly through the air and landing safely afterwards always is thrilling to watch. Almost as thrilling as watching tiny people go skateboarding.  Pretty damn good considering his young age. We are just going to ignore that giant person behind him.

Mpora shared a video  10/10/14

Now that’s what you call a good dad…Watch more unbelievable skateboard tricks: cobratime

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Is all of this too stressful for you? Well, we got just a thing. Football billiard. There isn’t a sport that makes you burn less calories.

The LAD Bible shared a video  10/6/14

This looks amazing…

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Apart from indoor motorcycle racing.

Street FX Motorsport & Graphics shared a video  10/11/14

When dad’s not home 😛

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Have fun with the Top Posts of week 41.

Brands & Co.

Fun 4 Gator Kids shared a link  10/6/14

We’re giving away TWO family 4 packs of tickets to see Sesame Street Live at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on October 21st. To enter, tag a friend in the comments section below. Friday, October 10th at 9AM, we’ll randomly pick one of the comments, and the person who commented AND the person tagged will BOTH win a family 4 pack of tickets! Only tag ONE person in the comments section. You MAY e…

Sesame Street Live: Make a New

8,790 fans


Rock the Vote shared a video  10/7/14

Yeah. This happened. *Drops Mic* #TURNOUTFORWHATWhat’s better than Lil Jon rerecording his hit song to be the most badass GOTV anthem of ALL TIME? Having Lena Dunham, Fred Armisen, Natasha Lyonne, Darren Criss, Ireland Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg and so many more join in on the fun!Check it out!

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ABC 8 News – WRIC shared a picture  10/9/14

“Today at 6:15 a.m., after meeting his entire family and being baptized into the Catholic faith, baby Shane died peacefully in his mother’s arms.”The couple who welcomed their “bucket list baby” Shane this morning said goodbye to him just a few hours later: Prayers for Shane

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107,262 fans


KCTV5 News shared a picture  10/6/14

This police officer went beyond the call of duty when he bought a young mom a car seat instead of writing her a ticket. Read more >>

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230,332 fans


FOX 12 Oregon shared a picture  10/6/14

This Michigan police officer went beyond the call of duty on Saturday when he bought a young mom a car seat instead of writing her a ticket. READ MORE:

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354,167 fans


Paderno KitchenWear shared a picture  10/8/14

We are Thankful year round for all our customers! So here’s a little giveaway for this Thanksgiving! Like our page & share this post for your chance to WIN a 42cm multi-roaster…the “Cadillac” of roasters!! We will announce the winner on Oct.13th. Good luck to everyone & from everybody at Paderno, we wish you all a happy, relaxing & safe Thanksgiving!! *open to Canada only* turkey not included…

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Waggin’ Train Dog Treats shared a picture  10/6/14

Caption this! Tell us what these canine companions are thinking and we’ll feature our favorite! #DogThoughts

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49,560 fans


US Postal Service shared a picture  10/8/14

Order your limited-edition Forever® Batman stamps today!

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204,778 fans


UPROXX shared a link  10/7/14

It finally happened, folks. Alfonso Ribeiro unleashed ‘The Carlton’ from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Dancing with the Stars. Just give him the trophy now.

Alfonso Ribiero Brought Us Back To The 90s With The Carlton Dance On

688,165 fans


Scarywood Haunted Nights shared a picture  10/7/14

Win Tickets! LIKE this post by midnight and you will be entered to win 2 tickets to Scarywood! Double your chanced by commenting which picture should be the Scare of the Week! Winner will be randomly chosen tomorrow! Good luck!

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15,299 fans


Staples UK shared a picture  10/7/14

DAY TWO of our #safeandsecure competition with Rexel. Today’s prize is a Rexel Prostyle 7+ shredder! Comment below – before 9am tomorrow – with your answer to the following question: Who manufactured the first paper shredder? A) Abbot Augustus Low B) Adolf Ehringer or C) Abraham Stern #readcarefully

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5,161 fans


Room on the Broom Film shared a picture  10/11/14

*UPDATED AT 12PM SATURDAY 11TH*WOW! Thank you all for your amazing response to this post! We reached and soared past 30,000 Likes in a couple of hours!!! We’re so excited to be running this wonderful competition and can’t wait to pick 10 winners on Friday 24th!Let’s keep it going and see how many new fans we can get in that time! Thanks again to all the sharers, likers and fans of Room on t…

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ABC7 shared a picture  10/9/14

Baby Shane passed away just a few hours after being born. His parents said he died peacefully in his mother’s arms.”The support and prayers we have received from all of you have been amazing and we want to thank each of you with all our hearts,” his parents said.’Like’ to show the family support.

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1,260,163 fans


KOB-TV Eyewitness News 4 shared a picture  10/8/14

A KOB viewer sent us this great photo today – she said this was her husband’s view on his way to work Tuesday. #OnlyInAlbuquerque #BalloonFiesta Send us your best photos:

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105,559 fans


Fox Carolina News shared a link  10/9/14

“Shane spent his entire life in the arms of people that loved him unconditionally, and I don’t think you could ask for a more beautiful life than that. He is home now with the Lord and will forever be our little miracle!” – The family posted on the Prayers for Shane page today

‘Bucket list’ baby dies hours after

284,378 fans


FOX16 News shared a picture  10/10/14

The Yell County Juvenile Detention Center uses this restraint mechanism called the “wrap system”. Some juvenile detainees call it “torture”. Now, the Arkansas Department of Human Services has sent a cease and desist letter to Yell County officials asking them to stop using the device. What do you think about the wrap system? Leave your comments!

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WITI-TV FOX 6 News shared a link  10/8/14

If you purchased a Red Bull since 2002, they owe you $10.Here’s how to get it:

If you purchased a Red Bull since 2002, they owe you $10 – here’s how to get

182,249 fans


The Affair shared a video  10/7/14

Some affairs you can’t deny. Watch the full first episode of The Affair, the provocative new drama starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson, NOW before its Showtime Networks premiere this Sunday at 10PM.

The Affair Series

8,447 fans


Gladiator GarageWorks shared a picture  10/10/14

It’s almost game time! Imagine this Gladiator® GarageWorks PRIMETIME™ locker is already in your garage, and TELL US what you’d store in it along with #WhatsInYourLocker and #Sweeps. Remember, you can only comment once every 24 hours between now and Sunday at 3:59p.m. ET! Stay tuned for our winner announcement on this post and good luck tomorrow! Official rules:

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Stagecoach Festival shared a picture  10/6/14

Stagecoach Festival 2015 lineup is here! On sale next Tuesday, October 14th at 10am. More info at

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108,036 fans


ABC30 Action News shared a picture  10/6/14

TOUCHING TRIBUTE: Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still shed a pregame tear after seeing the New England Patriots cheerleaders honor his 4-year-old daughter, who’s fighting cancer, by wearing his jersey. -> LIKE if you’re touched by this sweet gesture.

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188,066 fans


Visit Noosa shared a picture  10/8/14

Amazing shot of the Blood Moon captured last night by LetMeSea Artwork & Photography.

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19,420 fans


Cop Block shared a picture  10/9/14

Officer Pulls Woman Over. Instead of a Ticket, He Showed His Humanity ~ Story/Video: Jb of – Police the Police – (A Community Project)

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1,215,969 fans


The Wodcast Podcast shared a video  10/6/14

Eject! Eject! Eject!

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6,788 fans


WESH 2 News shared a picture  10/9/14

PLEASE SHARE: 7-year-old Sebastian Doud is reported missing in Titusville. He was last seen walking home from Oak Park Elementary School today when he disappeared. He was wearing an orange shirt, with gray pants with an orange stripe. Latest information here:

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144,558 fans


6abc Action News shared a picture  10/7/14

Twenty-nine-year-old Brittany Maynard has precisely 25 days to live. She knows this because she has chosen the date she will pass away, peacefully and painlessly, with her husband and loved ones by her side…

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525,636 fans


The Music Empowers Foundation shared a picture  10/8/14

Has this ever happened to you before? #music

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117,209 fans


I Love Reading Books shared a picture  10/10/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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If you’re 2 years old and have to be in the hospital, it helps to watch “Frozen” with a therapy dog by your side. Just ask Mallory.

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149,974 fans


Nutrish shared a picture  10/9/14

Like doggies? Then like us. If we reach 100,000 fans, we’ll donate an additional $10,000 to Rachael’s Rescue to help shelter dogs in need. Like the page here:

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Society & Religion

British National Party shared a picture  10/7/14

5 reasons to give Cameron the boot!1/ Almost lost Scotland2/ Involving us in more foreign wars3/ Privatisation of our schools4/ Looting our NHS5/ Wants more Muslims in positions of powerPrime Minister David Cameron is not only an embarrassment – he’s a threat to the well-being of Britain and our people.

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RSPCA WA shared a picture  10/8/14

A 27-year-old woman who left her dog tied to a car without food or water until it was so weak and emaciated it could hardly stand up was today sentenced in Broome Magistrates Court.Braveheart, a four year old French Mastiff was found to be in appalling condition.The dog weighed only 27kg when a French Mastiff of similar age should weigh around 40kg. He was emaciated, his skin was infected and…

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29,536 fans


A Mighty Girl shared a picture  10/10/14

Congratulations to Malala Yousafzai for winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize! The Pakistani girls’ education activist, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban in 2012, has been lauded worldwide for her advocacy on behalf of girls and women. Today, the Nobel Prize committee announced that Malala will share the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to promote and protect girls’ right …

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739,734 fans


Keep Turning Pages shared a picture  10/10/14

Share this if you’ve got similar plans…

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8,063 fans


This post is a photo and has no text

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55,483 fans


Amnesty International USA shared a picture  10/10/14

Congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai!Her work promoting the basic human right to education represents the struggle of millions of young people. She has proved that no matter your age, your voice can change the world.

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630,297 fans


Saddleback Church shared a picture  10/9/14

Learn how you can help those you know affected by mental illness Friday, October 10th, at our 24 Hours of Hope Online Event hosted by Pastor Rick Warren and Kay WarrenWatch here LIVE Friday at 9:00 AM (PT):

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#SaveReyhanehJabbari: Last Monday, her mother was told to come and ‘collect the body’.But Reyhaneh’s execution was postponed. Now, we have one last chance to save her life. Please act fast> – – -Image: Reyhaneh Jabbari speaking to defend herself at trial in Iran | AFP PHOTO/GOLARA SAJADIAN

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Breast Cancer Awareness shared a picture  10/6/14

True love <3

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Church Of God In Christ, Inc. shared a picture  10/9/14

If it had not been for the Lord Who was on my side – I don’t know where I would be! Share if you agree!

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Kyle Park shared a picture  10/8/14


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Visionaire shared a video  10/9/14

LOLLLLSouth Park makes fun of music production xD

South Park makes fun of music

67,096 fans


WBTV’s Molly Grantham shared a picture  10/11/14

Hello, world. My name is Hutch Thomas. Just call me Hutch. I was born earlier today… 8lbs 13ozs and 21 inches long. I have much to be thankful for. I’m happy, healthy and my big sister Parker already loves me. We are all doing great.

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Drum Talk TV shared a video  10/7/14

Here’s a video shot by Eduardo Nascimento in Sao Luis, Brasil. You never know what talent and determination you may come upon during a walk. How determined are you to reach YOUR dreams?You can see all our interview episodes at #determination

Talent and

158,965 fans


Rachel Zoe shared a picture  10/8/14

There’s no place like home ❤️❤️ #rachelzoestudio #backinla #workingmom xoRZ

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Lizzy the Lezzy shared a picture  10/10/14

so sweet! <3

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Kristen Miranda shared a picture  10/12/14

Joy. Total joy.

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Derrick Henry Fanpage shared a status  10/6/14

Win or lose. We are Alabama. #rolltide #thisisloyalty

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The Roundabout Crew shared a video  10/8/14

Everyone knows a shit talker…Like The Roundabout Crew and our good mate Frenchy for more videos!

The Shit

29,233 fans


Sage Kotsenburg shared a video  10/10/14


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News & Media

ABC7 News shared a picture  10/6/14

TOUCHING TRIBUTE: Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still shed a pregame tear after seeing the New England Patriots cheerleaders honor his 4-year-old daughter, who’s fighting cancer, by wearing his jersey. LIKE if you’re touched by this sweet gesture.

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Mpora shared a video  10/10/14

Now that’s what you call a good dad…via. cobratime

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Our Time shared a picture  10/10/14

The youngest Nobel Prize winner in history!

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BuzzFeed Violet shared a video  10/7/14

7 Things All Anxious People UnderstandStarring: Sara Rubin

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KTLA 5 News shared a picture  10/6/14

A young mother who couldn’t afford a car seat for her daughter was given a helping hand instead of a ticket when she was stopped by a public safety officer in Michigan.Officer Ben Hall noticed the little girl — who was wearing a seat belt — was not in a child safety seat when he pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation. Rather than give the mother a ticket, Officer Hall had her pull in…

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WFTV Channel 9 shared a video  10/7/14

It FINALLY happened, Fresh Prince fans — Alfonso Ribeiro took us back to the ‘90s and busted out the “Carlton” on Dancing with the Stars last night.Watch the complete performance >> #wftv

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BuzzFeed UK shared a link  10/10/14

Harry Potter fans, how would you like your very own Marauder’s Map?

The Definitive Guide To Harry Potter’s

211,422 fans


helloU shared a video  10/8/14

Kevin Hart is too funny

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WTSP 10 News shared a picture  10/8/14

SPREAD THE WORD: Authorities are looking for a man suspected of killing a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office dog after the animal chased him into the woods. Share and let’s help police find this man.STORY ->

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145,045 fans


BarkPost shared a picture  10/7/14

When mom’s late to pick you up from puppy kindergarten… #AlterEgosAreBornvia

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Sport & Hobby

Codeblack Faith shared a picture  10/9/14

#Pray because HE is the way, the truth, and the life.

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American Kennel Club shared a picture  10/7/14

How many likes for this adorable pup? 🙂

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2,335,900 fans


Brady to Gronk for 50,000 yards. CONGRATULATIONS TOM!!#BRADY50K

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7,709 fans


The LAD Bible shared a video  10/6/14

This looks amazing…

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5,217,234 fans


Street FX Motorsport & Graphics shared a video  10/11/14

When dad’s not home 😛

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Colorado State University announced yesterday, West Drive, in the heart of the campus, will be renamed Amy Van Dyken Way, and she will serve as grand marshal of the Homecoming parade! Story: (Photo by Dan Byers)

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9,955 fans


ForAmerica shared a picture  10/8/14

Atheist groups are demanding an Oklahoma school remove a poster of two children praying that has hung in the school for nearly two decades. This is wrong – we support freedom of religion, do you?

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6,586,472 fans


Beamly shared a link  10/6/14

Do you know which Pretty Little Liars girl got her start in “Billboard Dad”? Or which One Tree Hill hottie hit The Bahamas for “Holiday in the Sun”? Read on for this shocking list of celebs who got their big breaks in Mary-Kate and Ashley movies!

10 Stars You Forgot Appeared in Mary-Kate & Ashley

16,726 fans


Humans of New York shared a picture  10/9/14

“If I’m ever arguing with her mom, I just look down and remind myself that this beautiful woman gave me this beautiful child. And this child doesn’t care who’s right or who’s wrong, all she cares about is that mommy and daddy are there.”

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10,217,349 fans

808,18611,25558,014 shared a picture  10/9/14

Quote of the dayvia

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Tickld shared a link  10/9/14

He somehow just got more awesome.

Something You Never Realized About Jackie Chan. This Is

368,741 fans


HELLO! shared a link  10/7/14

Victoria Beckham couldn’t have looked happier for her husband David Beckham as he celebrated the launch of his new whisky Haig Club… Check out our photo gallery here:

Victoria Beckham’s pride shines through as she supports husband David’s new

757,427 fans

212,2181,2291,774 shared a link  10/7/14

Robert Downey Jr has confirmed that Iron Man 4 on the way! #IronMan

Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Iron Man 4 is on the Way! –

412,534 fans

71,7602,2429,911 shared a picture  10/11/14


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1,981,101 fans


Fun Dumps shared a video  10/9/14

When Daddy Isn’t Around! Wait for it . . . .

Daddy’s Precious

80,921 fans


E! Online shared a link  10/8/14

Get ready, Sherlock fans!

Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Sherlock Holmes 3 Is

6,589,039 fans


Joey Graceffa shared a picture  10/8/14


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El Paso 411 shared a picture  10/7/14

You’re going on a hot date this week in El Paso.. where do you go and what do you do?

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Baby Gaga shared a picture  10/9/14

Great Halloween Costume!

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Cinema Blend shared a link  10/9/14

Get the full Arnold Schwarzenegger update on The Terminator here..

How Involved Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be In The Terminator

1,327,532 fans


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