Nowhere is safe – Facebook Top Posts Week 42



Nowhere is safe – Facebook Top Posts Week 42

Shoot-outs, theft and robbery. Last week’s Top Posts were clustered with illegal activities. Some outlaws got punished immediately after the act. Others are still being searched for.

The first example is a video of attempted car-jacking. 

KSWO7News shared a video  10/14/14

We’ve received cell phone video of the hit and run that left one woman with a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg.

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It’s hard to tell who is to blame for the situation turning out like this. The woman who clearly harassed the driver. Or the driver for overreacting and fleeing the scene. It created a heated up debate on Facebook with. People aren’t sure whether this is considered self-defense or hit and run. The fact that the camera didn’t catch the entire thing makes it even harder to judge the situation.

The next one is a bit clearer. A robber enters a bus and gets punished for it immediately.

Being Latino shared a video  10/17/14

Robber gets the people’s justice.



Quick reactions by the busdriver make sure that he can’t get away. Pretty funny that he almost looks relieved after being picked up by a policeman. But who wouldn’t after being beaten with a bat for almost an entire minute. Impressive showcase of multi-tasking skills by the busdriver.

Last but not least: a shooting that involved approximately 30 people fighting each other with guns, knives, hammers and even rifles.

WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz shared a video  10/15/14

30 people out in the streets shooting at each other in rochester, beaver county. they also brought with them knives and hammers.

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It’s a miracle that no bystanders got injured. Another topic was hunting. Here we have a clip of a majestic french bulldog hunting a dear.

Sea FM Hobart shared a video  10/13/14

I’ve never seen anything like this. A young French Bulldog plays tag with a Deer! -Matty

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Well ok, maybe this can’t be considered hunting but it definitely is intimidating. Who wouldn’t run if he was followed by this 20 inches long predator? While this little guy tries to catch other animals most people are trying to catch sleep.

Wade Bowen shared a picture  10/15/14

Nailed it!!!!

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It’s strange and at the same time frightening how close to reality this picture actually is. But hey, being tired certainly isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. Imagine you’re on your way to work and this happens:

The LAD Bible shared a video  10/17/14

Getting an erection at the worst possible time…

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Is there a shittier way to start the day?

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Have fun with the Top Posts of week 42.

Brands & Co.

ABC 4 Utah shared a video  10/13/14

Jimmy and his cousin Sal set up a fake sonogram appointment for their pregnant cousin Micki. She was in on the bit, but her mother (Jimmy and Sal’s aunt Chippy) was not. Aunt Chippy had never seen a sonogram before so Jimmy had our graphics department come up with creative images to give her the most incredible sonogram that anyone has ever seen.

Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal Prank Aunt Chippy – Fake

46,221 fans


This is our Australia shared a picture  10/17/14

Our stunning playground… Too right, THIS is our Australia. Share if you agree 🙂

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire shared a picture  10/13/14

Tonight. Two words. Jack Fire. #JackFire

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KMID Big 2 shared a picture  10/16/14

TODAY IN HISTORY: In 1987, rescuers freed Jessica McClure, an 18-month-old girl who had been trapped in an abandoned well for 58 hours in Midland, Texas.Do you remember where you were when this happened?

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CBS7 News / KOSA-TV shared a picture  10/15/14

Basin Mother in Critical Condition After Violent Penicillin ReactionTonight at 10: Family of the 25-year-old ask for prayer after they say a local hospital gave her a drug she was allergic to. Like and share to show your support.

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WFLA News Channel 8 shared a picture  10/15/14

SPREAD THE WORD: Know the symptoms of the flu, Ebola and Enterovirus so you know how to tell the difference between the 3.Get the latest on the 2nd Texas nurse who tested positive for Ebola here: with WFLA and download our app to get updates on the go:

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Gladiator GarageWorks shared a picture  10/17/14

It’s almost game time! Imagine this Gladiator® GarageWorks PRIMETIME™ locker is already in your garage, and comment with what you’d store in it along with #WhatsInYourLocker and #Sweeps. Remember, you have until Sunday at 12:59 p.m. ET to comment! Stay tuned for our winner announcement on this post and good luck tomorrow! Official Rules:

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Waggin’ Train Dog Treats shared a picture  10/13/14

Real dogs know a real treat when they taste it! Show us your BFF with their favorite Waggin’ Train treat and we may feature them here on our page! #NoTricksRealTreats

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The Velvet Muzzle shared a picture  10/15/14

WHEN I’M AN OLD HORSEWOMAN I shall wear turquoise and silver, And a cowgirl hat that doesn’t suit me. And I shall spend my social security on red wine and carrots, And sit in the aisle-way of my barnAnd listen to my horses breathe. I will sneak out in the middle of a cool autumn night and ride my old liver-chestnut gelding across the moonstruck meadow if my old bones will allow. And w…

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WFMY News 2 shared a picture  10/17/14

Actor/Comedian Mike Epps, Mayor Nancy Vaughn were on the campus of Bennett College Friday for the “Paint the Town Purple” walk to raise awareness about Domestic Violence. Students from NC A&T University were also there.MORE:

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RTV6 (WRTV – Indianapolis) shared a picture  10/14/14

Police in Hamilton County are looking for two masked men who broke into this 94-year-old veteran’s home last week. The men tied up Hershel “Bud” Moore, beat him and ransacked his home. “Share” this post to help police and read the full story here:

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251,766 fans


Being Latino shared a video  10/17/14

Robber gets the people’s justice.


2,765,355 fans


WTEN shared a picture  10/17/14

We have a sad update this morning: Jahaysia Graham, the 19-year-old who received her dream wedding last month while battling cancer, has passed away. The Community Hospice has confirmed that Jahaysia died last night at Ellis Hospital. In September, the community rallied behind Jahaysia to give her a dream wedding after her boyfriend proposed.STORY:

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KSWO7News shared a video  10/14/14

We’ve received cell phone video of the hit and run that left one woman with a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg.

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New Tribes Mission shared a picture  10/15/14

NTM Aviation pilot, Jon Leedahl, was involved in a serious road accident in Papua New Guinea a short time ago. Please “Like” to indicate you are praying and “Share” to invite more people to pray. Accident Details:

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30,620 fans


Christina Guenther Jewelry shared a picture  10/13/14

MY ANGEL — A beautiful sterling silver angel wing is hand stamped with an inspirational memorial message. • LINK to NECKLACE: of message to be hand stamped or personalize it:1- ‘When I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me’2- ‘There are no goodbyes for us wherever you are you will always be in my heart’3- Custom Message

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WFAA-TV shared a picture  10/13/14

UPDATE: Sources close to FW Dr. Kent Brantly tell ABC news that he donated blood to Ebola patient, Nina Pham.The family of Dallas nurse Nina Pham reached out to us to confirm that she is the new Ebola patient. Leave your prayers and well wishes in the comments below. #PrayersForNinaSTORY:

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Pilerats shared a picture  10/14/14


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UPROXX shared a link  10/17/14

The Walking Dead’s season premiere just SHATTERED yet another ratings record.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season Premiere Broke Yet Another Cable Ratings

732,591 fans


Scarywood Haunted Nights shared a picture  10/14/14

You voted for this picture to be the Scare of the Week! LIKE this post by midnight and you will be entered to win 2 tickets to Scarywood! Double your chances by tagging the person you would like to see caught on the ScareCam in a comment. Winner will be randomly chosen tomorrow! Good luck!

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US Postal Service shared a picture  10/13/14

Celebrate 75 years of the Dark Knight and order the limited-edition Forever® Batman stamp collection!

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WBIR Channel 10 shared a picture  10/13/14

PRAYERS FOR NINA: A Dallas health care worker diagnosed with the Ebola virus over the weekend is nurse Nina Pham, her family confirms.Pham, 26, became infected while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient to die in the United States. MORE: family is asking for prayers from people around the country. #PrayersForNina

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ABC30 Action News shared a picture  10/15/14

*** IMPORTANT #RECALL NOTICE ***Have these wipes at home? Don’t use them. They’re the latest product being recalled for bacteria.READ MORE ->

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189,863 fans


KHQ Local News shared a picture  10/14/14

When you take your kids trick-or-treating this year, you might see some teal pumpkins on the porch of some homes. What does a teal pumpkin mean for you and your children?CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT: and then help spread the word by sharing with your fellow parents!#WatchKHQ #TealPumpkin

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Moviepilot Directors shared a link  10/13/14

It’s so good to see him again but…It makes me miss him SO MUCH MORE!


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Visit Beijing shared a picture  10/13/14

SUBMIT photo to our #WEHEARTBEIJING Photo Contest, WIN a FREE trip to Beijing ! ACT NOW by1. via FACEBOOK: Upload to our #WEHEARTBEIJING Tab >> << OR2. via INSTAGRAM: Hashtag #WEHEARTBEIJING & tag our instagram @visit_beijing*We recommend mobile/tablet users to open the tab with wifi connection. **Terms & condition applies***Grand prize’s flight tickets spons…

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Arabella And Rose shared a picture  10/15/14

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WIN THIS GORGEOUS DRESS ???If you would like to Win your very own Monroe Dress in either Pink (NEW Colour) or Gold for your girl for FREE. You need to like this post and your comment needs to be the one directly above mine after I have said STOP within the next 60 MINUTES. I will post the Winner on a fresh update after I have said Stop. I would love if you could share this po…

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WBAY TV-2 shared a picture  10/14/14

The Sheboygan Police Department wants help finding missing 7-year-old Lilleona Rose Badtke. She was last seen walking home from school Monday afternoon at about 3:15. She was walking west on Georgia Avenue from 9th Street on the city’s south side.More:

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News Channel 25 shared a picture  10/15/14

BREAKING: Belton ISD sent out a letter to parents from two schools today, informing them that a Belton ISD student traveled on the flight Monday with the second nurse who tested positive for Ebola. The student attended class Tuesday and Wednesday, and is not showing any symptoms. He is being monitored by the Bell County Health Department and the Texas Department of State Health Services. We w…

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Society & Religion

Rand Paul 2016 shared a link  10/14/14

Republicans are just going to have to agree to disagree on some of these issues.

Mike Huckabee to Republicans: Grow a spine and don’t surrender on gay

186,898 fans


Amnesty International Australia shared a picture  10/14/14

At ten years old, Brishna is a survivor of brutal rape.Now people want to see her killed for ‘bringing shame’ on her family.Demand the Afghan Government protect Brishna and stand against ‘honour’ killings> – -Image: To protect Brishna’s identity, stock imagery has been used | AFP PHOTO/Aref KARIMI

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People Against the NDAA shared a picture  10/13/14

Just in case you didn’t hear…

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Church Of God In Christ, Inc. shared a picture  10/15/14

No matter how bad your day may have started… Declare that YOU WILL rejoice and be glad in it! #COGIC

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Doctors Without Borders is asking our supporters to leave messages of encouragement for our staff working in Ebola projects in West Africa. Most are national staff who come from the countries and communities where the disease is taking an enormous toll, and they are experiencing the devastating effects of Ebola at home, as well as at work. Let them and all of our staff know you support their ef…

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AORN shared a picture  10/16/14

#tbt “Nurses prepare for their night rounds in 1903.” (via Pinterest)

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American Nurses Association shared a status  10/15/14

At this difficult time, we offer our support to the nurses and health care team members at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and hope that the two nurses who became infected with Ebola make a full recovery. What’s needed most now is clear guidance from the CDC to help nurses provide the best patient care and protect them and their health care team colleagues. That’s why ANA will continue…

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Crossroads Christian Church shared a picture  10/13/14

All you need is faith!

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Appalachian Mountain Club shared a link  10/14/14

Nearly Every USGS Topo Map Ever Made. For Free.

Nearly Every USGS Topo Map Ever Made. For

54,433 fans


John Hagee Ministries shared a picture  10/14/14

There is no friendship, no relationship, no championship, no ownership that will satisfy any of your desires in this life like a relationship with God Almighty. – John Hagee Ministries

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WBTV’s Molly Grantham shared a picture  10/18/14

I first wrote about Ivy Riddle on Sept. 8th, 2013 — last year. At 10 weeks old this Dallas, NC girl was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. (OLD POST: mom, Nicole, just wrote. Said the family got word Ivy is cancer-free. The final spot they’d been monitoring is gone. She no longer requires MRI’s. YEAH! Nicole wants to shout it from mountaintops. You …

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14,245819520 shared a video  10/13/14

This kid is having the time of his life!!! #Living #DirtyDancing #PatrickSwayze #NobodyPutsBabyInTheCornerCheck out more fabulous, wacky, funny and crazy videos HERE —>

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Erin Coleman Wsb-Tv shared a picture  10/19/14

It’s hard to believe my little peanut is one month old today! He’s pretty excited about that, can’t you tell? The past four weeks have probably been the most challenging and most rewarding in my life. One of the best moments…when he laughs in his sleep. One if the toughest…when he’s crying and I don’t immediately know why. Motherhood is a journey and I’m just starting, but it’s been an amaz…

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Wade Bowen shared a picture  10/15/14

Nailed it!!!!

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Kayla Howard shared a picture  10/18/14

So proud of my daughter for getting her first bull elk. I know hunting bothers some of you, and I understand your position. Here at our place we do hunt to provide food for our family for winter— and I’m so excited, I had to share this with you!!!!! This will feed our family for the year!!!!!!!!

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Doreen Virtue shared a picture  10/14/14

When you see Butterflies frequently, or they appear in unusual places, acting in unusual ways . . . you can be sure that the angels have sent this lovely being to you as a messenger of heavenly love. Trust the feelings and thoughts that come to you when you see a butterfly, as your thoughts and feelings are part of the heavenly sign and message. Please share your butterfly stories with us her…

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Lizzy the Lezzy shared a picture  10/15/14

oopsie! 😉

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Rachel Hanna – Romance Author shared a picture  10/13/14

NEW GIVEAWAY!! Want to win a $25 or $50 Amazon gift card? Enter multiple times, tag your friends and share this post!

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WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz shared a video  10/15/14

30 people out in the streets shooting at each other in rochester, beaver county. they also brought with them knives and hammers.

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The Lana Parrilla shared a picture  10/17/14

Four heads are better than one!… @jenmorrisonlive @GeorginaHaig @Jared_Gilmore #OnceUponATime

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News & Media

iFamilyKC shared a picture  10/13/14

Oh my gosh, mouth is watering, this is just the start of YUMMY Bloomin Baked Caramel Apples, thx to The Gunny Sack, perfect for a cool fall day, full recipe & instructions here:

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Penguin Random House shared a picture  10/16/14

Maya Angelou on what books to buy for your kids, via

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BuzzFeed Violet shared a video  10/16/14

15 Little Things That Are Actually The Worst With Ashley Perez

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ABC7 News shared a picture  10/15/14

EBOLA MEETING: President Obama has cancelled his fundraising trip to meet with the White House Cabinet to discuss the #Ebola outbreak. We’ll be streaming a special report following that meeting at 1 p.m. the latest on today’s developments:

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Polygon shared a link  10/15/14

From the same guy who made the “Xbox Laptop” here’s the “PlayBook,” a portable PlayStation 4.

‘Xbox Laptop’ modder is back to offer the ‘Playbook 4’ for $1,

207,661 fans


BuzzFeed UK shared a picture  10/13/14

Would you care for a cuddle?Via @Misiugreen

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Sea FM Hobart shared a video  10/13/14

I’ve never seen anything like this. A young French Bulldog plays tag with a Deer! -Matty

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The Verge shared a link  10/15/14

Warner Bros. is making more Harry Potter movies — possibly a lot more

The Harry Potter spin-off films get release dates, may be larger than a

949,860 fans


The A.V. Club shared a link  10/13/14

The brisk and brutal season premiere of The Walking Dead kicks things off to a promising start

The brisk and brutal season premiere of The Walking Dead kicks things off to a promising

252,447 fans


WSB-TV shared a picture  10/15/14

SYMPTOMS: Do you know the difference? Here are the symptoms of the flu, Enterovirus and Ebola, in addition to a fever. We’ve posted much more about the most recent Ebola case here: Channel 2 Action News at 4 p.m. for new information being released by the CDC within the next hour.

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Sport & Hobby

Wells Fargo Center shared a picture  10/16/14

Fleetwood Mac takes the stage! #WFCFleetwoodMac

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Codeblack Faith shared a picture  10/17/14

Beautiful painting with a beautiful message <3

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Beamly shared a link  10/13/14

We were SHOCKED to find out that The Mortal Instruments series might be getting a second chance to redeem itself.

Is ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Returning as a TV Show?!

17,336 fans


Purina shared a picture  10/14/14

#FunFact: The #BetterWithPets Summit marks the first time TurboRoo. The Two-Legged Chihuahua. met the man who made him a 3D printed prosthesis!

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Kansas City Royals shared a picture  10/15/14


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ForAmerica shared a picture  10/16/14

Senator Ted Cruz says the U.S. should ban flights from Ebola-stricken nations. Do you agree?

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Uni Lad shared a picture  10/13/14


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ISU Figure Skating shared a picture  10/15/14

Yesterday Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) announced his retirement from competitive skating. Wish him all the best. Like to say “Thanks D1SK” Daisuke Takahashi Road to Sochi Takahashi Daisuke

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The LAD Bible shared a video  10/17/14

Getting an erection at the worst possible time…

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Being Mommy shared a picture  10/16/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Fun shared a link  10/16/14

Disney is “already talking to directors” for the FROZEN stage adaptation

Blizzard on Broadway! Disney is ‘Already Talking to Directors’ for Frozen Stage

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Fun Dumps shared a picture  10/13/14

lol :v

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Vulture shared a link  10/17/14

Proof that Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson are besties, via Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson: Here’s How Much the Hunger Games Co-Stars Like Each

287,597 fans


HELLO! shared a link  10/19/14

Congratulations to The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola who married The Fray guitarist Joe King over the weekend!

The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola marries guitarist Joe

770,521 fans


indieWIRE shared a link  10/14/14

There’s a new trailer for Foxcatcher! Plus, Channing Tatum speaks out:

Channing Tatum Calls ‘Foxcatcher’ Shoot “Suffocating,” “Painful” (New Trailer)

154,754 fans


Cute n’ Country shared a picture  10/16/14

Click SHARE if this describes you!!BUY this Limited Edition shirt only at:>><3

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37,46965016,335 shared a picture  10/13/14

Thank you, Lord!

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Ranker shared a picture  10/13/14

ANYTHING can be a sexy costume these days…

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Tickld shared a picture  10/13/14

Halloween ready

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