How much should I write? The 4 most common ways to introduce posts – Facebook Top Posts Week 47



How much should I write? The 4 most common ways to introduce posts – Facebook Top Posts Week 47

The amount of words you use to describe your Facebook posts is more important than you might think at first. Depending on the content you will want to introduce the topic with a couple words or a few sentences. What should you look out for? Here are a few examples to help you figure out whether or not you have been putting too much effort into introductions.

1. You understand what I mean (no description)

Britain First shared a picture  11/17/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Only a few posts can be successful without even a single word to describe them. Most are pictures that transport messages. It’s important to accept that theres a difference between a status update and a picture. Images generally are more successful so if you have the option to publish a statement in image form then you should do it.

Strong messages in particular can be successful without any introduction. Another example are pictures of landscapes. For this sort of content the description will play a more minor role.

2. You need bait to catch fans (up to 15 words)

Animals Australia shared a video  11/17/14

If everyone did this, the world would be a lot more awesome. SHARE if you agree!



The second group mostly consists of videos. You will want to explain what your fans are about to see, but not spoiler too much of it or the incentive to click the clip immediately vanishes. Animals Australia did a pretty good job here. They only gave a basic description, telling you that the content of the clip was awesome. That’s something that could be said about virtually anything, right?

And that’s the point. Especially when it comes to videos you want to be careful about how much you give away. Let them know what sort of emotion they are about to feel and nothing else.

American Kennel Club shared a picture  11/20/14

How many likes for this sweet face? #caninecuteness

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Cat content often is part of this group as well. Since it’s generally hard to describe a cute picture, most pages tend to phish for reactions. Specifically asking your audience “how many likes” this cute puppy can gather doesn’t do anything else but ramp up the amount of feedback you receive. It’s a short and simple question. People don’t need to think about it, but immediately know what’s expected of them.

3. Listen here! (up to 40 words)

WFMY News 2 shared a link  11/19/14

There’s no denying a mother’s love:A Colorado woman had to make a split-second medical decision during childbirth. She died–but her actions saved her newborn son.This family deserves your LIKE!

Mom Dies During Birth So Son Can


A news article often requires a brief introduction. And that’s exactly what most pages do. If they have something to say, they usually do so in a couple sentences. Whether it’s an analysis, a news articles or a political statement. You will always want to introduce these sort of topic properly. It’s is required to catch the fans interest.

A picture doesn’t require description because you can see what it’s about. A video needs to be introduced briefly, but the time a user needs to dedicate is rather small compared to a fleshed out article. If you want it to be successful you should always put a little more effort into a proper introduction. Especially when all the article does is transport emotion.

4. I am required to type that much (>40 words)

Hey chefs – need a little extra help around the holidays? We’re giving away more than $10,000 in prizes! Get started by requesting a free sample of select Knorr® and LeGoût® products – you could win a $250 gift card: Tell us which sample you requested and how you used it and you could win a $10,000 grand prize! Enter by sharing on our Facebook wall or posting to Twitter o…

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Not many posts require an introduction of more than 40 words. Lotteries however are part of that group. Most successful lotteries explain everything in detail. And that’s the right way to do it. So if you plan on hosting some giveaways you should make sure to properly describe them. Telling your fans too little about what they can win or what they have to do to participate usually has a negative impact on a lotteries success.

Properly introducing your content is an important part when you want to be successful. Our weekly top posts are a good example of how to do it right.

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Article Header unchanged, from American Kennel Club.

Have fun with the Top Posts of week 47.

Brands & Co.

WFMY News 2 shared a link  11/19/14

Mom Dies During Birth So Son Can Live

Mom Dies During Birth So Son Can

120,650 fans


Animals Australia shared a video  11/17/14

If everyone did this, the world would be a lot more awesome. SHARE if you agree!


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KIIS 1065 shared a picture  11/21/14

Jono Lancaster is a man who suffers from the rare Treacher Collins syndrome, and he flew all the way from London to meet his biggest fan, 2-year-old Zac from South Australia, who suffers from the same condition.Jono is teaching those with the same condition to embrace their uniqueness and love the way they look… Visiting Zac has helped reinforce this.What a beautiful story.

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Tradesy shared a picture  11/17/14


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WSLS 10 shared a video  11/22/14

A hunter in Arkansas made a strange discovery after bringing home what he thought was a 9-point buck….

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Mojo TV shared a video  11/19/14

Bull elk ramming cars at Yellowstone! Have you ever seen this before?

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KCTV5 News shared a picture  11/19/14

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one may be worth a million. #Buffalo firefighters carried a patient 10 blocks to the hospital on snowbound streets because an ambulance couldn’t make it. More than 5 feet of snow fell in parts of the city by this morning. Please show your love for the firefighters and emergency medical professionals that you see on the streets every day! >>…

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Waggin’ Train Dog Treats shared a picture  11/17/14

“But I’ll move for some Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky!” Make sure you stock up for your BFF for #JerkyDay! #DogThoughts

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WKBW-TV shared a picture  11/19/14

We’ve gotten many #snovember pics with snow halfway up an open door, but this is the first one with snow all the way up to the top! Thanks to Jennifer Goodrich Sanfilippo in West Seneca for sharing.See more pics in our gallery:

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Dimitri Leather – Cuir Dimitri shared a picture  11/22/14

Voici notre surprise de la semaine! Deux manteaux D-Brand Canada (valeur de 1425$) à donner en cadeau, du jamais vu! “Aimez” la photo pour une chance de gagner et “partagez” pour doubler votre chance! Le gagnant sera annoncé le jeudi 27 novembre.–Here’s our weekend surprise! We’re giving away two D-Brand jackets (a value of 1425$)! This giveaway is unheard of! “Like” the photo for your chanc…

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WBIR Channel 10 shared a video  11/19/14

No – just no. Buffalo, New York has set a new record; 76 inches of snow! The most snowfall EVER in a 24-hour period in the US!!

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Harricana Aventures shared a picture  11/17/14

Voilà notre TIRAGE pour la semaine du 17 novembre 2014 .Un manteau FXR d’une valeur de 289.95 !!! “Like et partage la photo”. Le tirage aura lieu vendredi le 21 novembre 2014 à 13h00. Tu dois AIMER notre page Facebook d’ Harricana Aventures !! Peut importe la région nous le livrons au gagnant. Bonne Chance !

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HLN shared a picture  11/17/14

To quote Alyssa Milano: People are offended by photos like this, but not Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover? What do you think?

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VolunteerSpot shared a picture  11/18/14


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Bragi shared a video  11/21/14

Our friends at Mikme have created a fantastic concept for musicians. It just launched on Kickstarter. We’re looking forward to integrate The Dash with them.

Mikme – Wireless Recording

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Accu-Chek US shared a video  11/18/14

Get ACCU-CHEK® essentials delivered to your door, plus more. It’s simple and delightful. Uninsured or underinsured? Testing more times per day than insurance covers? Wish it were easier to get your testing supplies? ACCU-CHEK isn’t preferred on your insurance?Watch the short video below and discover what we’ve built for you. Or, visit us at


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2Day FM shared a video  11/18/14


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Woman In The Jungle shared a picture  11/17/14

OMG! Check out Solange’s son at her wedding…AwwwwMore at

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Hey chefs – need a little extra help around the holidays? We’re giving away more than $10,000 in prizes! Get started by requesting a free sample of select Knorr® and LeGoût® products – you could win a $250 gift card: Tell us which sample you requested and how you used it and you could win a $10,000 grand prize! Enter by sharing on our Facebook wall or posting to Twitter o…

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PetaPixel shared a link  11/22/14

After 17 months of bouncing around a riverbed, this found GoPro still had its final moments stored safe and sound on the memory card inside.

GoPro Survives 17 Months Bouncing Around a Riverbed After Filming Its Final

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7hofm shared a picture  11/20/14

First one to correctly guess the number we’re thinking of WINS!!!!—–Winner announced Monday 24th November 2014. Good luck!

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WHAT A NIGHT. A superb film, truly inspiring, courageous and brave stories and many good laughs shared.Thank you to Angelina and the team at Universal Pictures International Australia for such an amazing event. It was great to share Sunrise’s story and send a big thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us over the past 20 years.We will post the interviews from the red carpet to o…

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BuzzFeed Travel shared a link  11/22/14

This Is What It’s Like To Have A Long-Distance Best Friend

This Is What It’s Like To Have A Long-Distance Best

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Arbella Insurance shared a picture  11/17/14

For every like this post gets, the Arbella Insurance Foundation will donate $5 to The Greater Boston Food Bank – up to $5,000! The funds will provide healthy holiday meals for families in need in eastern Massachusetts. Like the post now to donate, and share it to remind your friends!

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2 Traveling Dogs shared a picture  11/18/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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KAAL – ABC 6 News shared a video  11/19/14

Ever wonder how people NOT from the midwest react to some of the traditional foods FROM the midwest? This was sent to us by the folks at Enjoy!

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Get Old shared a picture  11/18/14

Sorry ladies, but physical inactivity is more common among women than men. Time to get up and turn that fact around with some active weight bearing workouts! Your bones and competitive spirit will thank you.

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Save The Storks shared a picture  11/18/14

It’s #NationalAdoptionMonth, and we love highlighting cool adoption stories!

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Eurogamer shared a link  11/17/14

Bungie’s just put out a huge, 2.44GB update for Destiny. Here are the patch notes.

2.44GB Destiny update goes

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Society & Religion

British National Party shared a picture  11/20/14

OUTRAGE as government quango attacks kids for being “too English!”A high-achieving school in Lincolnshire has been attacked and denied its ‘outstanding’ rating by government quango Ofsted because the pupils are “too English.”The fact that these English children have not been forcibly indoctrinated into multiculturalism yet means they fall short of Ofsted standards.Until now, Middle Rasen …

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Britain First shared a picture  11/17/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Church Of God In Christ, Inc. shared a picture  11/20/14

Does your life story have a “But God” turning point? Share if you are thankful for that! #TeamCOGIC

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U.S. Department of the Interior shared a picture  11/22/14

Winter has arrived at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, and it is gorgeous! Christina Adele Warburg took this photo last weekend at Mormon Row. Photographers from around the world visit this area of the park to capture the iconic barn with the Teton Range in the background.

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The United Methodist Church shared a picture  11/18/14

Only two weeks until #UMC #GivingTuesday 2014. Only two weeks until we show, once again, what happens when Methodists are united!

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Movember Australia shared a picture  11/18/14

Cairns Mo Bro Aaron Padoin is back with an epic new Mo style. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, we give you Crocodylus Moustachious.

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Word On Fire Catholic Ministries shared a picture  11/19/14

Happy birthday today, Father Robert Barron!

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The Other 98% shared a picture  11/22/14

Professional football player Jason Brown turned down a $37 million contract to play for the St. Louis Rams and instead purchased farmland so he can grow free food for the hungry. In his first year, Brown has delivered 100,000 pounds of produce to local food pantries. Spread the good word. Like our page The Other 98%!

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UK Independence Party (UKIP) shared a picture  11/21/14

Mark Reckless has been elected as the MP for Rochester and Strood – Thank You!

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Michael Fiore shared a picture  11/20/14

This post is a photo and has no text

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Mahoganycurls shared a picture  11/20/14

She’s such a cutie!

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Mary Nam KOMO shared a picture  11/20/14

“I kissed a girl and I liked it!” – Henry, 13mo. Now someone explain to me how Henry and Avy knew to hold hands, tilt their heads, and close their eyes when puckering up???

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WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz shared a picture  11/19/14

Woman power! This 40 something-year-old lady just jumped a 20 something-year-old boy, don’t get any crazy ideas. His car wouldn’t start in the cold and I helped him get it started. Made him take a selfie with me too. Hope you get home safe kid!

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Erin Coleman Wsb-Tv shared a picture  11/22/14

Welcome to the weekend Atlanta! Stay warm! #wsbtv

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Kristen Miranda shared a picture  11/21/14

Everybody be sure to watch WBTV News tonight – it is the last work day for my best girl Kelly Franson. So sad. Goodbyes are the worst. But Seattle will LOVE her!

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My Natural Sistas shared a picture  11/17/14

Yassssssss!!! Blue Ivy was fro’d out like her Auntie for the wedding!!! Her #afro is everything! #naturalhair #afro #blueivy #Solange #Wedding #flowergirl????

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Mike Bloomberg shared a picture  11/17/14

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.That’s why I’m glad that Bloomberg Philanthropies and the World Health Organization (WHO) have partnered to put together the first comprehensive report to measure drowning around the world.

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Lizzy the Lezzy shared a picture  11/22/14

lol!*Lizzy tshirts now available!*

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Drum Talk TV shared a video  11/21/14

Here’s Eloy Casagrande, Brasilian drummer for Sepultura playing “Manipulation of Tragedy” in a live session. Have you seen him play live with Sepultura? Looks like we will be interviewing him possibly in January – stay tuned!See more of Eloy at and you can see all our interview episodes and sign up for our newsletter with articles by today’s biggest drummers at www….

Eloy plays live session of “Manipulation of Tragedy”

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News & Media

KKTV 11 News shared a picture  11/20/14

Please “like” or comment on this post to join us in welcoming these soldiers home from Afghanistan!

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BuzzFeed UK shared a video  11/21/14

Happy Friday!(via

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Whispering Willow NI shared a picture  11/19/14

Wayhey! Super excited to announce our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET!The ever popular and gorgeously stunning MERCHANT HOTEL BELFAST! To be in with a chance of winning this amazing giveaway simply;1) LIKE our page Whispering Willow NI2) & SHARE this image! Thats all there is to it :)! For more info, terms and conditions be sure to check out our website! WAHOOOOO! So excited! Loads of best wishe…

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BuzzFeed Rewind shared a picture  11/18/14

It’s almost that time of year: A Christmas Story premiered 31 years ago today!

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The A.V. Club shared a link  11/19/14

“What’s interesting, though, is that the current season is weakened not by slighting the show’s previous strengths, but by overusing them.”

Unless American Horror Story stops repeating itself, it should

272,230 fans


Chip and Co. shared a picture  11/19/14

I love you this much!

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helloU shared a video  11/18/14

How to make a dolphin laugh

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Mikaela Lake sent us this photo of homemade snow T-Rex in Hamburg!Check out more photos here:

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Kidspot shared a picture  11/19/14

What do your kids snack on in the afternoon? Here’s a yummy idea from KidspotKitchen that only takes a few minutes to prepare

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Our Time shared a picture  11/17/14


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Sport & Hobby

American Kennel Club shared a picture  11/20/14

How many likes for this sweet face? #caninecuteness

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UNILAD shared a video  11/17/14

When Zach Galifianakis smoked weed on TV…

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Someecards shared a picture  11/18/14

Family feud: #Thanksgiving

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New England Patriots Fans Unite shared a picture  11/23/14

Welcome home LaGarrette Blount! Patriots win 34-9!Patriots 34Lions 9FINAL

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Squawka shared a video  11/20/14

Manuel Neuer vs. Algeria. Legendary.

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Beamly shared a link  11/20/14

Shawn and Cory are back together again in these new Girl Meets World photos. EXCUSE US WHILE WE GO CRY TEARS OF JOY.

Shawn Hunter is Hotter Than Ever in These New ‘Girl Meets World’

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BenchWarmers shared a video  11/22/14

Jack Wilshere Wansum

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16,2525,9006,788 shared a picture  11/20/14

0_0 Grandma, is this you? ;)via

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The LAD Bible shared a video  11/18/14

Scaring pigs with one word…

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Business as usual. No. 22 Colorado State Football takes down New Mexico 58-20. Running Back, Dee Hart, was the player of the game with SIX total TDs!

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Tickld shared a picture  11/22/14

Like the Tickld page for more!

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HELLO! shared a link  11/18/14

Paul Walker’s father reveals the Fast & Furious star wanted to quit Hollywood to be a full-time father.

Paul Walker’s father reveals star wanted to quit Hollywood to be a full-time

865,867 fans

279,0461,6268,525 shared a picture  11/19/14

The Barden Bellas are back! Get your first look at Pitch Perfect 2 right now.

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Fun Dumps shared a video  11/18/14

Man’s reaction to wife’s big announcement… lol :))

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Rap-Up shared a picture  11/17/14

Chris Brown and Tyga will drop their new “Fan of a Fan” single this week

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122,9531,3361,859 shared a picture  11/19/14


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Ranker shared a picture  11/20/14

Some guy actually broke up with his GF using THIS text#CrazyCatMan

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DisneyFoodBlog shared a picture  11/18/14

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE Mouse!

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Joey Graceffa shared a picture  11/22/14

My son is such a model!

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