Tagging in a new appearance



Tagging in a new appearance

The Tagging feature is new and improved! Not only does it have an attractive revamped design, but there are several upgrades that give you more analytical power than ever before. One big upgrade is the ability to provide content from not only Facebook, but also from Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest using keyword searches. Additionally, you can analyze Facebook User Posts.

With our new chart designs, you can easily evaluate your results more efficiently and export all analysis as a PDF. The option to display your evaluation in the familiar table view is still available.

We have done away with the limiting tagging groups where only one ‘exclusive’ tag per group was possible. Now, you are able to tag your own posts or the posts of your competitors without restriction.

Thanks to key words – with which you mark the posts – you are able to evaluate each post in detail. You now know which topic, which motive and which tonality is the most engaging. Find out what content works best by analyzing each interaction. You can do all of this not only with your own content but also using the content of your competitors. This gives you the option to watch your competitors and learn from their strategies, or sit back, relax and enjoy their mistakes.

If you want to take a closer look, simply watch the sample video or try the new Tagging for yourself!

New is always better. Don’t miss out on the new and improved Tagging feature!

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