Automatic Email Reports


Automatic Email Reports

We have an early christmas gift for you! From now on you can get the Excel and PowerPoint reports of your social media profiles automatically. We will deliver them to you via email every month.

This new feature can safe you a lot of time and nerves. Especially those of you who are taking care of lots of different pages will be thrilled. Now you don’t have to pick, edit and download each report for each profile manually every month. Simply select your Benchmarking-, Profile-, KPI- and/or Top-Posts-Report and have it in your mailbox every 3rd of the month, ready to present it to your boss or client.

Just tick off  the box beneath your desired report to order.

This is how it works: Go to Reports after choosing a dashboard in your Analytics account and tick off  the box beneath your desired report. Bingo! The reports are available during the two week trial period and as of Fanpage Karma Business. Check them out!

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