Instagram Posting with Publish


Instagram Posting with Publish

Hurray, we are ready! As of today you can post your pictures on Instagram via Publish. We are very excited about this long-awaited new feature!

Due to recent changes in the Instagram API it is now possible for publishing providers to post natively on Instagram. That includes our tool Publish. So we can say goodbye to our clever workarounds and that will ease our work flow considerably. Just like before you can create your post with Publish and schedule it for the preferred date. As soon as it is approved for publishing you can attend to other things, Publish will do the rest. The tool will release your post on Instagram right on schedule! (There are, however, some limitations on the part of Instagram: the new feature only works for business accounts and only allows the posting of pictures.)

But that’s not all! The new API also greatly effects your community management! From now on Engage will notify you about every mention of your profile anywhere on Instagram. Nothing will slip your attention and you can react fast and easily 😉


Other cool Publish Features

Apart from native posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Publish offers plenty of other nice features that are worth checking out.


Individual Design

In Publish you can create your workplace just the way you like. Choose your favourite color scheme and background picture from our selection or upload your own. Images of friends and family, nature or inspiring art will provide good vibes while working. This way no matter how tricky the task, it’s still a treat for the eye.


Profile Groups

Through the use of profile groups you can sort your social media profiles in the way you want which makes it easier to stay on top of things. It is also a great way to organize team work.



Each profile group offers a seperate library for the related pictures, videos or GIFs.



With Publish you can either place your posts in the calendar directly or view all events as a listing which allows you the quick process of editing and approval. You can apply filters to display what is relevant to you in that moment. Posts that are not yet dated show on the left screen side and can be placed in the calendar by drag and drop. 



Here you can enjoy Publish and Engage two weeks for free!

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