NEW: Updated Graphs


NEW: Updated Graphs


We updated our graphs for you. From now on you have a lot of more options of visualizing data in Analytics.


Weekly and Monthly Numbers

Up until now, we were showing you daily numbers. Now you can choose between daily, weekly and monthly numbers which makes your graphs more expressive and therefore makes it easier for you to modify the charts for your aims. The following images show the same data in different time views:

daily view; growth of three profiles over the course of 10 months


weekly view; growth of three profiles over the course of 10 months


monthly view; growth of three profiles over the course of 10 months


More Options for Data Visualization

Chart Boards

In the chart-board-section we are offering you many different ways to display data, as you know. You can create bar-, line-, matrix- and circle charts for one or more social media profiles and label the graphs with the profile pictures of the respective profiles. Thus your diagrams look nicer and more comprehensible.

Compare KPIs and Timeframes

In the history section you are now able to visualize more than one KPI in one diagram. That way a diagram could, for example, tell you how the engagement of a profile changed with the changing number of followers. You are free to combine all the KPIs you want.

engagement (dotted) and number of fans (full)

For each of the KPIs you can set different styles of display. It is possible to show lines or areas, dotted or dashed, muted or in full color.  You will find out what works best for your cause.

engagement (area) and weekly growth (column)
Another very cool feature lets you compare two different timeframes in one chart. This is especially interesting, for example, if you want to find out which one of two campaigns at different times was more successful.

average weekly growth; two Facebook Pages (red, yellow); two different months (full, dotted)


Are you excited to create epic charts yourself? All new features are available to all users now. Visit for a free 14-day trial.

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