How to create a Dashboard


How to create a Dashboard

Do you want to know if your page is more successful than the ones of your competitors at one glance? A dashboard will accomplish exactly that for you. In this video we show you how:

The dashboard is a chart overview of the KPI-values of any number of social media profiles for a certain time period. This is what you do step by step:

1. Choose a network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+).

2. Add profiles. Here you don’t have a limit. You can choose from all public profiles, as well as your own pages. One importance: You have to type the profile-ID into the search. It can be found in the back part of the URL (i. e.

3. Choose relevant metrics. You can choose between a range of KPIs according to the network you are focussing on. In addition to public values you have access to insights-values, like for example reach or click numbers, for your own pages.

Facebook Dashboard

4. Start analyzing.

5. Export your dashboard as an Excel Document.

6. Share your dashboard with colleagues or external persons.


Do you want to create dashboards to analyze your pages? Visit for a free two-weeks-trial.

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  2. […] If you are working with Fanpage Karma you can create a dashboard of all the Facebook Pages of your branch and then assess the most successful weekday in the chart boards. If you don’t know what a dashboard is and how to create one, click here. […]

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