Nowhere is safe – Facebook Top Posts Week 42

Shoot-outs, theft and robbery. Last week’s Top Posts were clustered with illegal activities. Some outlaws got punished immediately after the act. Others are still being searched for. The first example is a video of attempted car-jacking.  KSWO7News shared

Childhood in a box – Social Media Ranking Toy Manufacturers

They are part of everyone’s childhood. Who didn’t create castles made of bricks, fought battles with water guns or dreamed of being a hero while using an action figure? We all used toys. But how are

Discovery – Find the latest Trends with just one Click

A social media manager has to be creative on demand. We have got something for…

How to create Post Rankings

How cool would it be, if you were able to create a ranking of top…

Which Hashtags does your competition use?

If you use Hashtags, your posts on Instagram will be seen by a wider audience…

10 valuable Features of Fanpage Karma you didn’t uncover yet

Here are ten genius features that will up your social media management game.  1. The…

How to find the best time to post

Posts on social networks don’t live long. So it is important to publish them when your target audience will see them. This is how you find out at what times that is. What are the most

New Tutorial – How a Publishing Tool creates a better Workflow in your Team

Everyone who is responsible for several social media profiles knows, that posting each post directly out of the respective network is a pain. It is confusing and time-consuming, especially when there is more than one person

These Graphs you can present to your Boss

We love spreadsheets, nothing works better when it comes to showing a lot of data at one glance. However, at the same time, it can be hard to see through them and it might take a

These details will help you to see through your competitor

Have you ever scrolled through your timeline and thought to yourself “Wow, this page is worked out well!”? Relevant content, good communication with the followers, loads of reactions and comments.. This could be you! With Fanpage

NEW: Create Mentions and Tags with Fanpage Karma

We created two new features for you. With Fanpage Karma Publish, you can now mention…

NEW: Get external Feedback on Post Designs

Sometimes there are a few things to discuss with the customer before a post is…

No more Google+ in Fanpage Karma

As Google will shut down its social network Google+ in the coming months, we will…

NEW: Give your Marketing Report an awesome Look

Of course, it is nice to be able to present good numbers to the customer…

How to analyze in Real-Time

Do you sometimes get very excited about a recently published post and check the network…

10 valuable Features of Fanpage Karma you didn’t uncover yet

Here are ten genius features that will up your social media management game.  1. The…

That’s how beautiful Analysis can be

Fanpage Karma has a new design. It has been a while since we poshed up…

WhatsApp Community Management made easy

Are you using WhatsApp for your community management? WhatsApp is perfect for a fast exchange…

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